A Model ISO

Given the stature and history of New York's electric system, it is no surprise that the Empire State's ISO is viewed as a model. The NYISO operates a highly complex and congested power system, and the sophistication of the NYISO's market design is second to none. "The NYISO markets are at the forefront of market design and have been a model for market development in a number of areas," according to the 2013 State of the Markets Report for the New York ISO, prepared by our independent Market Monitor. The list of "NYISO firsts" includes the introduction of demand response programs, automatic mitigation programs, the co-optimization of energy and ancillary services, and the economic dispatch of wind energy.

Since the NYISO's inception in late 1999, thousands of visitors representing hundreds of companies and governments from around the world have visited the NYISO's capital region control center to learn more about wholesale electricity markets, grid operations and electric system planning.
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