ACE - Area Control Error
ACL - Average Coincident Load
AE - Atlantic City Electric Company
AGC - Automatic Generation Control
AGILe - Advanced Grid Innovation Laboratory for Energy
AMP - Automated Mitigation Process
ANI - Actual Net Interchange
ANSI - American National Standards Institute
APS - Allegheny Power System
ASCC - Alaskan Systems Coordination Council
ASCII - American National Standard Code for Information Interchange
ATC - Available Transmission Capability
ATM - Asynchronous Transfer Mode
AVR - Automatic Voltage Regulator

BAS - Billing and Accounting System
BDS - Backup Dispatch System
BGE - Baltimore Gas and Electric Company
BIC - Business Issues Committee
BME - Balancing Market Evaluation
BMP - Bit Map Protocol
BPCG - Bid Production Cost Guarantee
BPS - Bulk Power System
BSM - Buyer-Side Mitigation
BSYS - Bid/Post System
BT - Bilateral Transaction

CAAA 1990 - Clean Air Act Amendments of 1990
CASE - Computer-Aided Software Engineering
CBM - Capacity Benefit Margin
CCITT - International Telegraph and Telephone Consultative Committee
CDAS - Computer and Data Advisory Subcommittee
CEI - Cleveland Electric Illuminating Company
CFD - Contract For Differences
CGI - Common Gateway Interface
CH - Central Hudson
CIP - Critical Infrastructure Protection
CLNS - Connectionless Network Service
CLR - Capacity Limited Resource
CLTP - Connectionless Transport Protocol
CMISE - Common Management Information Service Element
CMT - Cost Management Technique
CNHP - Common Management Information Protocol
CONE - Cost of New Entry
ConEd - Consolidated Edison
COP - Competitive Opportunities Proceedings
CPP - Clean Power Plan
CPS - Control Performance Standard
CTS - Coordinated Transaction Scheduling

DADRP - Day-Ahead Demand Response Program
DAISTM - Data Access Integration Services
DAM - Day-Ahead Market
DARU - Day-Ahead Reliability Unit
DC - Direct Customer
DCAS - Dispatch Coordination Advisory Subcommittee
DCS - NERC Disturbance Control Standard
DEC - Department of Environment Conservation
Distributed Energy Resource
DFAX - Distribution Factor
DMNC - Dependable Maximum Net (generating) Capability
DNI - Desired Net Interchange
DNS - Distributed Name Service
DPL - Delmarva Power & Light Company
DPS - Department of Public Service
DRA - Dispute Resolution Administrator
DRC - Dispute Resolution Committee
DRP - Dispute Resolution Process
DSAP - Demand Side Ancillary Services Program
DSM - Demand Side Resources
DSO - Distribution System Operators
DTS - Dispatcher Training Simulator
DXF - Drawing Exchange Format

EBI - Electronic Billing Information
ECA - Extraordinary Corrective Action
ECAR - East Central Area Reliability Coordination Agreement
EDC - Economic Dispatch Control
EDI - Electronic Data Interchange
EDRP - Emergency Demand Response Program
EFORd - Equivalent Forced Outage Rate on Demand
EIA - Energy Information Administration
ELR - Energy Limited Resource
EMS - Energy Management System
EPRI - Electric Power Research Institute
EPA - Environmental Protection Agency
EPS - Energy Planning Strategy
ERCOT - Electric Reliability Council of Texas
ERR - Emergency Response Rate
ESCO - Energy Service Company
ESEERCO - Empire State Electric Energy Research Corporation
ETA - Existing Transmission Agreement
ETC - Emergency Transfer Criteria
ETCNL - Existing Transmission Capacity for Native Load

FCTTC - First Contingency Total Transfer Capability
FDDI - Fiber Distributed Data Interface
FERC - Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
FPA - Federal Power Act
FTAM - File Transfer, Access and Management
FTP - File Transport Protocol

GADS - Generating Availability Data System
GAPP - General Agreement on Parallel Paths
GATF - GAPP Advocate Task Force
GENCO - Generation Company
GESE - GAPP Executive Steering Committee
GF - Grandfathered
GF - Generation Shift Factor
GIF - Graphics Interface Format
GMD - Geo-Magnetic Disturbance
GPU - General Public Utilities Corporation
G-Shift - Generation Shift
GT - Gas Turbine
GW - Giga Watt
GWH - Giga Watt Hour = 1000 MWH

HAM - Hour Ahead Market (evaluation only)
HCA - Host Control Area
HDLC - High-level Data Link Control
HO - Hydro One
HQ - Hydro Quebec
HTML - Hypertext Markup Language
HTTP - Hypertext Transport Protocol

ICAP - Installed Capacity
ICCP - Inter-Control Center Communications Protocol
IDC - Interchange Distribution Calculator
IDCE - Distributed Computing Environment
IDEC - Inter-Utility Data Exchange Committee
IEC - International Electrotechnical Commission
IEC TC57 - International Electrotechnical Commission Technical Committee 57
IEEE - Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
IFCP - Internet Protocol Control Protocol
IMO - Independent Electricity Market Operator
IMWM - Interface MW-Mile
InternetNIC - Internet Network Information Center
IOS - Interconnected Operations Services
IOU - Investor Owned Utilities
IP - Internet Protocol Address
IP - Interconnection or Interconnection Points
IPP - Independent Power Producer
IRC - Interactive Relay Chat
IRM - Installed Reserve Margin
IROL - Interconnection Reliability Operating Limit
IS+ - Interchange Scheduler Plus
ISDN - Integrated Services Digital Network
ISO - Independent System Operator
ISO - International Organization for Standardization
ISO OATT - The ISO Open Access Transmission Tariff
ITCF - Inter-regional Transmission Coordinating Forum
ITU - International Telecommunication Union

JPEG - Joint Photographic Experts Group

kV - KiloVolts

LAN - Local Area Network
LBMP - Locational Based Marginal Pricing
LESR - Limited Energy Storage Resource
LIPA - Long Island Power Authority
LOC - Lost Opportunity Cost
LOL - Lower Operating Limit
LOLE - Loss of Load Expectation
LRR - Local Reliability Rule
LSE - Load Serving Entity
LTE - Long Term Emergency Rating
LTPP - LBMP Transition Period Payments

MAAC - Mid-Atlantic Area Council
MAC - Material Adverse Change
MAIN - Mid-America Interconnected Network
MAPP - Mid- Continent Area Power Pool
MCP - Market Clearing Price
MDS - Manual Dispatch System
ME - Major Emergency State
MC - Management Committee
MGF - Master Generation File
MIS - Market Information System
MMM - Market Mitigation Measures
MMPU - Market Monitoring and Performance Unit
MMU - Market Monitoring Unit
MOU - Memorandum of Understanding
MP - Market Participant
MPACT - Market Participant Administrator Cadre Training
MVAr - MegaVolt Ampere reactive
MW - MegaWatt
MWA - Modified Wheeling Agreement
MWH - MegaWatt Hour

NAERO - North American Electric Reliability Organization
NATC - Nonrecallable Available Transfer Capability
NCZ - New Capacity Zone
NE - New England Power Pool
NEES - New England Electric Services
NEISO - New England Independent System Operator
NEPA 1992 - National Energy Policy Act of 1992
NEPOOL - New England Power Pool
NERC - North American Electric Reliability Corporation
NERC TLR - NERC Transmission Loading Relief Procedure
Net ACL - Net Average Coincident Load
NOPR - Notice of Proposed Rulemaking
NPCC - Northeast Power Coordinating Council
NRC - Nuclear Regulatory Commission
NRR - Normal Response Rate
NSR - Non-synchronous Operating Reserve
NTAC - NYPA Transmission Adjustment Charge
NTAC - New York Power Authority Transmission Access Charge
NTP - Network Time Protocol
NUG - Non-Utility Generator
NYCA - New York Control Area
NYISO - New York Independent System Operator
NYMOC - New York Market Orientation Course
NYPA - New York Power Authority
NYPE - New York Power Exchange
NYPP - New York Power Pool
NYPP Standards - Standards for Planning and Operating the NYPP BPS
NYSEG - New York State Electric and Gas
NYSERDA - New York State Research and Development Agency
NYSPSC - The Public Service Commission of the State of New York
NYSRC - New York State Reliability Council
NYTAC - NYPA Transmission Adjustment Charge

O&R - Orange and Rockland
OASIS - Open Access Same Time Information System
OATT - Open Access Transmission Tariff
OC - Operating Committee
OH - Ontario Hydro
OOM - Out-of-Merit Generation
OpCap - Operating Capacity
OPF - Optimal Power Flow
OS - Outage Scheduler
OSF - Open Systems Foundation
OSI - Open Systems Interconnection

PAR - Phase Angle Regulator
PC - Personal Computer
PC - Planning Committee
PCC - Power Control Center for the NYISO
PCE - Pool Control Error
PCX - Picture Image
PDN - Public Data Network
PE - Philadelphia Electric Company
PE - Power Exchange
PENELEC - Pennsylvania Electric Company
PEPCO - Potomac Electric Power Company
PF - Power Factor
PF - Penalty Factor
PI - Performance Index
PJM - Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland Interconnection
POD - Point of Delivery
POI - Point of Injection
POR - Point of Receipt
POW - Point of Withdrawal
PPA(s) - Power Purchase Agreements
PPL - Pennsylvania Power & Light Company
PPTN - Public Policy Transmission Need
PPP - Point-to-Point Protocol
PS - Public Service Electric and Gas Company
PSC - Public Service Commission
PSE - Purchaser Seller Entity
PSL - New York Public Service Law
PTI - Power Technologies, Incorporated
PTS - Performance Tracking System
PURPA - Public Utilities Regulatory Policy Act

QICAP - Qualified Installed Capacity

RAP - Reliability Assessment Program
RATC - Recallable Available Transmission Capability
RC - Reserve Comparator
RCA - Receiving Control Area
RCP - Reliability Coordination Plan
RCRR - Residual Capacity Reservation Right
RDA - Remote Data Access
REC - Renewable Energy Credit
REV - Reforming the Energy Vision
RGE - Rochester Gas and Electric
RIP - Responsible Interface Party
ROS - Rest of State
RMR - Reliability Must Run
RPI - Relay Performance Index
RRAC - Regulation Revenue Adjustment Charge
RRAP - Regulation Revenue Adjustment Payment
RRR - Regulation Response Rate
RSSA - Reliability Services Support Agreement
RTC - Residual Transmission Capacity
RTD - Real Time Dispatch
RTD-CAM - Real Time Dispatch-Corrective Action Mode
RTG - Regional Transmission Group
RTO - Regional Transmission Organization

SAP - Security Analysis Package
SCA - Sending Control Area
SCADA - Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition
SCD - Security Constrained Dispatch
SCR - Special Case Resource
SCE - Satellite Control Error
SCUC - Security Constrained Unit Commitment
SENY - Southeastern New York
SERC - Southeastern Electric Reliability Council
SF - Shift Factor
S-HTTP - Secure HTTP
SIDF - System Independent Data Format
SIRC - Stranded Investment Recovery Charge
SLIP - Serial Line Internet Protocol
SMD - Solar Magnetic Disturbance
SNMP - Simple Network Management Protocol
SOAS - System Protection Advisory Subcommittee
SOP - System Operation Procedures Manual
SOL - System Operating Limit
SPP - Southwest Power Pool
SQL - Sequential Query Language
SR - Spinning Reserve
SRE - Supplemental Resource Evaluation
SSL - Secure Sockets Layer
STE - Short Term Emergency Rating
SVC - Static VAR Compensator
SVT - Software Verification Testing

TCC - Transmission Congestion Contract
TCP/IP - Transport Control Protocol and Internet Protocol
TD - Transmission District
TDF - Transmission and Distribution Facility
TDP - Transmission Distribution Provider
TFA - Transmission Facility Agreement
TFSS - Task Force on System Studies
TLR - Transmission Loading Relief
TO - Transmission Owner
TOTs - Transmission Owner Transmission Solutions
TP - Transmission Provider
TPAS - NYPP's Transmission Planning Advisory Subcommittee
TRM - Transmission Reliability Margin
TSC - Transmission Service Charge
TSCATF - Transmission Services Cost Allocation Task Force
TSD - Transmission Service District
TTC - Total Transmission Capability
TTC - Total Transfer Capability
TUC - Transmission Usage Charge
TWA - Transmission Wheeling Agreement

UC - Unit Commitment
UCAP - Unforced Capacity
UCAtm - Utility Communications Architecture
UCE - Unit Control Error
UCH - Unit Commitment History
UCI - Interim Unit Commitment
UCP - Post Unit Commitment
UGI - United Gas Improvement
UOL - Upper Operating Limit
UOLn - Normal Upper Operating Limit
UOLe - Emergency Upper Operating Limit
UPF - Unit Participation Factor
UPNY - Upstate New York
URL - Universal Resource Locator
USGen - U.S. Generators Inc.

V - Volts
VACAR - Virginia-Carolinas Systems
VAR - Volt Ampere Reactive
VELCO - Vermont Electric Power Company
VP - Virginia Power
VPF - Voltage Payment Factor

W - Watts
WSCC - Western Systems Coordinating Council
WTSC - Wholesale Transmission Services Charges

ZCE - Zonal Control Error
ZEC - Zero-Emission Credits
ZNI - Zonal Net Interchange