Demand Response Programs

The NYISO has developed Demand Response programs which pay program participants that can meet the appropriate qualifications to reduce their electricity consumption ("load") for discrete periods of time.

NYISO Demand Response programs include:

  • Reliability-based Demand Response programs
    • Installed Capacity - Special Case Resource (ICAP-SCR) program
    • Emergency Demand Response Program (EDRP)

During periods of increased demand, or when the grid is affected by unplanned events like inclement weather, the NYISO’s market pays participants in Reliability-based Demand Response programs for load reductions that lessen stress on the electric grid.  Program rules unique to the ICAP-SCR program also enable participants to receive monthly payments (called “capacity payments”) based on the obligated level of load reduction (i.e., the committed level of load reduction at the facility when the NYISO requests that participants reduce load).

  • Economic-based Demand Response programs
    • Day-Ahead Demand Response Program (DADRP)
    • Demand Side Ancillary Services Program (DSASP)

Economic-based Demand Response programs provide participants the opportunity to offer load reduction into New York’s electricity markets in response to high electricity prices. DADRP participants submit to the NYISO an “energy offer” to reduce consumption at the price the participants determine. Similarly, DSASP participants submit “reserves” and/or “regulation” service offers to the NYISO.  If the offer is accepted and scheduled by the NYISO, DSASP participants are eligible to receive market payments based upon actual performance.

For further details, please see NYISO Demand Response Programs: Frequently Asked Questions or contact NYISO Stakeholder Services at 518-356-6060.

Demand Response Documents & Resources