Distributed Energy Resources (DER)

DER are poised to transform New York’s wholesale electric system by helping grid operators improve system resiliency, energy security, and fuel diversity. DERs can help lower consumer prices, improve market efficiency, and give consumers more control of their usage and costs. DER improves our environment through increased renewables and use of energy storage and will help the state of New York achieve its goals for Reforming the Energy Vision (REV) and Clean Energy Standard goals.

The NYISO’s DER Roadmap identifies a clear path toward integrating DER into the wholesale markets.

Pilot Program

Guided by the DER Roadmap with a focus on informing wholesale market design, planning and operation for DER wholesale market integration.

Demand Response Programs

NYISO’s Demand Response programs pay qualifying participants to reduce their consumption ("load") for discrete periods of time.

For further details, please see NYISO Demand Response Programs: Frequently Asked Questions or contact NYISO Stakeholder Services at 518-356-6060.

DER Documents & Resources