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In response to Market Participant feedback, the NYISO is providing a permanent Sandbox testing site for select NYISO applications.

The Sandbox environment will remain open and available to Market Participants on a best available effort basis. NYISO's goal is to provide best available access to the Sandbox 24x7 with the following limitations:

  • Daily refreshes beginning at 23:00 each day, lasting approximately 90 minutes
  • Planned and unplanned system maintenance

Priority of service is to NYISOs production platforms and systems; Sandbox service disruptions will be restored as resources are available during normal business hours.

Please Note:
A Valid NAESB or NYISO Digital Certificate is Required for All Sandbox Links.

Need Help? Got a Question? Should you require any assistance - you may email NYISOStakeholder Services.

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The NYISO sandbox will be down for approximatively 3 weeks starting 6/20 as we prepare the environment with production quality data. We will notify the marketplace when the NYISO sandbox becomes available again. As a reminder, the NYISO sandbox is available on a best available effort basis as our priority is provided to our Production systems. Please contact NYISO Stakeholder Services with any questions or join the TIE list to receive notification updates.