NYISO Budget

Inclusive, open and transparent budget-making

The NYISO budget process engages stakeholders to determine spending priorities and provide ongoing information on spending.

As part of our shared governance system, stakeholders play a vital role in NYISO budget-making. Through that process the Budget and Priorities Working Group guides the development of the NYISO's annual budget.

As the stakeholder-run working group develops the priorities for project funding and then proposes a budget, it also provides a forum for stakeholders to offer perspectives spanning the diverse array of market sectors.

To see the results of the NYISO's commitment to open, transparent budget-making, please take a look at the following documents Budget Processbelow.

Determining the NYISO's Budget

The Budget and Priorities Working Group guides the development and management of the NYISO's budget. The working group proposes projects for funding in four phases:

  • Identification
  • Prioritization
  • Evaluation
  • Recommendation

After the working group completes these stages of the budget process, it sends a proposal to the Management Committee for review. The Management Committee then votes on whether to send it to the Board of Directors for final approval.

This process lasts from May through December, with ongoing review and feedback throughout. Once the budget is approved, the NYISO monitors the projects that it funds to ensure that they meet both spending and performance goals. The Budget and Priorities Working Group meets regularly throughout the year to review the status of spending and revenues, as well as address any emerging issues.

Budget Process Meeting Schedule

For the current schedule, please visit the Budget and Priorities Working Group page or the shared governance process Committee Calendar.

Budget Documents