NYISO Credit Department

The Credit Department assesses credit of MPs and assists in mitigating defaults that would otherwise be mutualized among MPs. Based on the assessments, the Credit Department will assign a level of unsecured credit to credit worthy MPs or request collateral to support activity in the NYISO-administered markets. The Credit Department also monitors financial exposure by market.

For General Customer Credit Support:
Please feel free to contact credit_department@nyiso.com - to speak to a specific NYISO Credit Team Member view the list below.

MT 105: TCC Basics
TCC Competency Exam

MT - 202: Virtual Trading
Virtual Trading Competency Exam

Credit Documents

The following tariff attachments may be referenced regarding Credit and can be viewed by accessing the NYISO Tariff Page:

  • MST 26 Attachment K - Creditworthiness Requirements for Customers
  • OATT 27 Attachment U - Declaration and Recovery of Bad Debt Losses
  • OATT 29 Attachment W - Creditworthiness Requirements for Transmission Customers

Credit Login

Select the link below to login to the CMS Application. Please Note: You will need a digital certificate to access this application.

Corporate Credit

Important Contacts

Sheri Prevratil
Manager, Corporate Credit

Jeni Husted
Lead Credit Analyst

John Jucha
Senior Credit Analyst

Becky Pelletier
Senior Credit Analyst

Drew Getman
Credit Analyst

Credit Department