Budget and Finance

The NYISO is committed to a budget process that engages stakeholders in determining spending priorities and providing ongoing information on spending. As part of our shared governance system, stakeholders play a vital role in NYISO budget-making. The Budget and Priorities Working Group, which is part of the NYISO's shared governance process, guides the development of the NYISO's annual budget. Market settlement, accounting, credit, and finance functions fall under the auspices of the NYISO's Chief Financial Officer.

Accounting & Billing

The Accounting & Billing Manual supports MPs' efforts to reconcile settlements by providing clear and concise settlement business rule descriptions using the same data labels as those in the DSS's predefined reports. Settlements are invoiced monthly and transacted electronically. The electronic invoices are accessed by MPs through a Web browser.


NYISO Budget

The NYISO budget process engages stakeholders in determining spending priorities and developing the annual budget. The Budget and Priorities Working Group provides the forum for stakeholders to present perspectives spanning the array of market sectors.


Billing & Settlements

Per the ISO Services Tariff, any disputed amounts are to be paid in full. Upon resolution of the dispute, if it is determined that an overpayment has been made by the customer, a refund, with interest, will be made by the NYISO.


Credit Department

This Department assesses credit of MPs & assists in mitigating defaults that would otherwise be mutualized among MPs. Based on the assessments, Credit will assign a level of unsecured credit to credit worthy MPs or request collateral to support activity in the NYISO-administered markets.


Contact Financial Services

Should you have any questions, comments or issues regarding Billing and Settlements or Credit, please feel free to contact NYISO Financial Services below.