Additional Service & Program Registrations

Welcome to the NYISO Customer Registration Page for additional services and programs. Here you will find information regarding the NYISO programs and services appearing below, including any additional registration forms that may be required. There is also information on contacting NYISO support for assistance with the registration process.

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The Installed Capacity Auction Program (ICAP) is a generator or load facility that complies with Reliability Rules requirements and can supply and/or reduce the demand for energy in the NYCA to ensure that sufficient energy and capacity are available to meet the Reliability Rules.


Possessing a Transmission Congestion Contract allows the holder to collect or obligates the holder to pay the Day-Ahead congestion rents associated with one megawatt (MW) of transmission between specified points of injection (POI) and withdrawal (POW).


A Special Case Resource (SCR) is:

- A load capable of being interrupted upon demand or a distributed generator rated 100 kW or higher.

- Not visible to the NYISO's Market Information System (MIS).

- Subject to special rules to facilitate its participation in the installed capacity market as an ICAP supplier.


The Emergency Demand Response Program provides a mechanism for load reduction during emergency conditions. The program is open to interruptible loads and stand-by generation resources.


The Day-Ahead Demand Response Program (DADRP) allows demand side resources to bid their load reductions into the Day-Ahead market and be paid for verified performance of the scheduled load reduction. DADRP allows flexible loads to effectively increase the amount of supply in the market, moderating prices.


The Demand Side Ancillary Services Program (DSASP) provides retail customers that can meet telemetry and other qualification requirements with an opportunity to bid their load curtailment capability into the DAM and/or Real-Time Market to provide Operating Reserves and regulation service. Scheduled offers are paid the appropriate marketing clearing price for reserves and/or regulation.

Questions or Comments?

Should you have any issues, comments or questions regarding additional NYISO services or program registrations please feel free to contact the NYISO Customer Support Department:

Phone Support: 518.356.6060