NYISO Customer Registration

Welcome to the NYISO Customer Registration Page - Here you can request registration packets, find useful resources and get support through the registration process. NYISO offers 3 types of Customer/Guest Registration accounts. These account types allow an organization/individual access to different types of data and participation in various programs - depending on the type of customer the organization or individual registers for.

Customer Types

Direct Customer

Direct Customers participate in NYISO Markets/Programs by supplying or using any service under the ISO Tariffs.

Limited Customer

Limited Customers can participate in the EDRP program. (You will only be required to sign the Market Services Tariff during registration.)

Guest Customer

Guest Customers are granted access to publicly available market information. You cannot participate in NYISO Markets/Programs.

Additional Services Registration, Resources &Support

Additional Services

In addition to the NYISO Registration packet, depending on the program you wish to participate in, additional registration forms may be required. Below is a list of additional NYISO services and programs you may wish to register for.

- Installed Capacity Market (ICAP)

- Transmission Congestion Contract

- Day-Ahead Demand Response

- Emergency Demand Response Program

- Demand Side Ancillary Services

To apply for any of the above NYISO Market Services or Programs please click on the link below.

Registration Resources

While completing the NYISO Registration Process you may need to reference certain documents or files, fill out additional forms, subscribe to lists or request a certificate. The links below are posted as a resource for your use: