Eastern Interconnection Planning Collaborative (EIPC)

Formed in 2009 under an agreement by over two dozen electric system planning authorities from forty states in the Eastern United States and six provinces in Eastern Canada, the Eastern Interconnection Planning Collaborative (EIPC) has focused on a grassroots approach to interconnection-wide electric system planning, starting with a roll-up of the existing grid expansion plans of electric system planning authorities in the Eastern Interconnection.
The EIPC was awarded funding from The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) in 2010 to to prepare analyses of transmission requirements under a broad range of alternative futures and develop long-term interconnection-wide transmission expansion plans in response to the alternative resource scenarios. 
The federal funding enabled EIPC to perform analysis and planning for the Eastern Interconnection in a transparent and collaborative manner, open to participation by state and federal officials, representatives from independent system operators (ISOs) and regional transmission organizations (RTOs), utilities, and relevant stakeholder bodies or non-government organizations (NGOs), including appropriate entities in Canada, with an approach to ensure consensus among stakeholders on key issues. 

For more information, please visit the EIPC web site: www.eipconline.com