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NYISO Stakeholder Summary - Week of April 13, 2014
1st Quarter 2014 Report
TB 226 - Revisions to the Installed Capacity Manual, Manual 4, Version 6.24
Technical Bulletins2014-04-04
NYISO Interconnection Queue 3/31/14
Project Facility Changes Determined to Be NonMaterial 4/4/2014
Energy Bid Price Differential Matrix
Virtual Bidding Price Differentials
Energy Bid Price Differential Matrix
Virtual Bid Price Differential Matrix
TB 178 Bidding and Scheduling Error Messages
This TB has been retired, please see Section 9 of the Market Participant User's Guide and Section 3.4 of the Joint Energy Scheduling System User's Guide
Technical Bulletins2014-04-02
Release of Data to NY State Public Service Commission
Re: Access to monthly DAM, RTC, and Virtual data
MP Notices2014-04-02
2014 Committee Roster
April 2014 DAM Congestion Balancing Allocation Factors
Billing and Settlements2014-04-01
Locational Minimum Installed Capacity Requirements Study Covering the New York Balancing Authority Area for the 2014 – 2015 Capability Year.
Direct Communications Manual
Operations Manuals2014-03-31
Control Center Requirements
Requirement categories include communication and computer control system; organizational committee and liaison structure; and operating procedures associated co...
Administrative Manuals2014-03-28
Notice of Mothball TC Ravenswood, LLC GT-7
TB 027 - NERC Electronic Tagging under NYISO Operation
TB-027 has been retired. Please see Section 1.5 of the Joint Energy Scheduling System User’s Guide for this information.
Technical Bulletins2014-03-26
Joint Energy Scheduling System User's Guide
User Guides2014-03-26
ICAP Going Forward Cost Form - Retired
Market Monitoring2014-03-25
2014 Daily Lock-down Schedules-Revised 3/20/14
Billing and Settlements2014-03-20