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Back Podcast Ep. 15: ACE NY’s Anne Reynolds Advises CAC on Fast-Tracking Clean Energy Targets


Podcast Ep. 15: ACE NY’s Anne Reynolds Advises CAC on Fast-Tracking Clean Energy Targets

July 15, 2021

Anne Reynolds joined the Alliance for Clean Energy New York (ACE NY) as Executive Director in 2014. But she has spent her career working on clean energy and environmental issues, including on numerous state programs to help ease the transition to emission-free resources in New York.



She recently spoke with Kevin Lanahan, our Vice President of External Affairs and Corporate Communications, on our latest Power Trends Podcast. They discussed her role as a member of the state Climate Action Council (CAC) and her thoughts on what it will take to meet the aggressive clean energy targets of the Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act (CLCPA).

“I’ve been impressed with how much they’ve accomplished,” said Reynolds of the CAC’s work. “It’s illustrated how many moving parts there are to get New York to achieve the really ambitious climate goals that are in the CLCPA. It’s daunting when you understand how much New York is going to have to do.”

Reynolds still sees many challenges ahead to achieving the renewable solar and wind energy goals called for in the CLCPA, including getting these technologies built, sited, permitted, and interconnected onto the grid. “We have to tackle all of those nuts-and-bolts issues,” she said.

One of the biggest hurdles to meeting all of the CLCPA’s goals is the enormous task of electrifying New York’s buildings, which today make up about a third of the state’s greenhouse gas emissions. 

She noted that all tools should be considered in order to ensure reliability while moving to a clean energy economy. There will be roles for carbon pricing, new dispatchable emission-free generation, green hydrogen, as well as a need to invest in storage, transmission improvements, demand response, and efficiency improvements, she says.

“A lot will need to happen over the next 25 years to put us on that right path.”

For more about how we are addressing a zero-emissions grid with market-based solutions, visit the 2040 Power Grid webpage

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