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VIDEO: Episode 5 – Connecting Clean Energy to the Grid

March 21, 2024

A great deal of attention is being paid to the important process of connecting new generation like wind, solar, and energy storage to the electric grid. And for good reason: large investments in emissions-free resources are necessary to meet the state's climate goals and new resources are necessary to help make up for retiring fossil-based generators.

The policy-driven growth of clean energy projects and the critical process NYISO performs to study these projects for reliability is the subject of Connecting Clean Energy to the Grid, the fifth episode of our #GridoftheFuture video series. In this episode we explore the growth of the interconnection queue, the significant coordination involved, and efforts underway to expedite the process.

“Think about the number of resources that need to interconnect with our grid in order to make these goals a reality,” says President and CEO Rich Dewey. “The interconnection process ensures that we get these resources connected in a way that maintains reliability.”

“The interconnection process is so important and the reason for that is the reliability of the grid,” says Senior Vice President of System & Resource Planning Zach Smith. “We have to think about how these different technologies interact, how the power electronics affect one another, and what design changes need to happen on the grid in order for those to interconnect.”

Maintaining reliability through the transition to a cleaner, greener grid is essential.

Executive Vice President and COO, Emilie Nelson adds, “We have the right people, the right skills, and the right support from stakeholders to make that happen. We know how to do this.”

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