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TIMES UNION | Measuring the “social cost” of power
Feb 04, 2019 | Every TV, computer, smartphone and other electrical device in your home or business relies on a power plant, whether it burns fossil fuel like natural gas, oil or coal, or relies on renewable sources like the sun or wind. And every second a fossil fuel-fired plant runs, it sends climate-changing greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. In 2017, the state's power plants released more than 28 million tons of such gases that will drive ongoing climate change for decades to come. MORE

Reports & Studies

New York ISO IPPTF Carbon Pricing Proposal
Produced in collaboration with wholesale market participants, stakeholders and other oversight organizations.

Brattle Study: Pricing Carbon in NYISO’s Wholesale Energy Markets
Provide transparent price signal reflecting carbon externality, to help achieve New York State decarbonization goals efficiently within the wholesale market.

Carbon Pricing in Wholesale Energy Markets: Frequently Asked Questions
Carbon pricing involves incorporating the social cost of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions into wholesale electricity markets.

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From the New York ISO

VIDEO | How Carbon Pricing Can Help Support the CLCPA
What does carbon pricing have to do with the new CLCPA, or Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act (also referred to as New York’s Green New Deal)...

PODCAST | Climate Leadership & New York Policy
Our new President and CEO, Rich Dewey, launched the inaugural New York ISO Power Trends podcast with a discussion on the...

BLOG | Carbon Pricing Aligns Energy Markets & State Policy
We are working with stakeholders on a market-based approach, known as carbon pricing, to better align our wholesale markets with NYS environmental goals.

VIDEO | Moving Toward Lower Carbon Emissions in New York
As the VP of Operations at NYISO, Wes Yeoman’s department will play a large role in overseeing the implementation of carbon pricing...

eBOOK | The Power of New York’s Wholesale Electricity Markets
Meeting demand with supply: how we manage wholesale energy markets.

Recent News

S&P GLOBAL PLATTS | Carbon pricing could help N.Y. meet clean energy goals at low consumer cost: study
July 29, 2019 | New York goals include 100% carbon-free electricity by 2040. In a new report, Resources for the Future, a nonprofit research group, found that pricing the cost of carbon dioxide emissions into New York's wholesale electricity markets through a carbon adder or a new cap-and-trade program could help the state meet its ambitious clean energy mandates with little impact on consumer prices.

RTO INSIDER | Study: Carbon Adder Supports NY Clean Energy Goals
July 23, 2019 | NYISO’s effort to price carbon into its wholesale markets could help New York achieve its ambitious clean energy goals, but the policy would benefit from a boost in the social cost of carbon (SCC) or additional programs, according to a study released Tuesday.

ALBANY TIMES UNION | Letter: NY must pursue power grid of future
May 23, 2019 | The New York Independent System Operator, the entity responsible for operating the power grid and administering competitive wholesale energy markets in New York, recently released its annual Power Trends report on the state of the grid.

CITY & STATE NEW YORK | Everyone wants to combat climate change. How fast can NY do it?
May 16, 2019 | Environmentalists have ambitious plans in Albany this year: codifying aggressive targets to wean the state off of fossil fuels; a moratorium on gas pipelines; and divesting billions of dollars in state pension funds from fossil fuel companies like Exxon Mobil Corp.

CAPITOL PRESSROOM PODCAST | Achieving the Governor's energy goals
Feb. 07, 2019 | The Governor has a new goal to bring the state to 100% renewable energy. What steps does the State have to take to achieve that…

TIMES UNION EDITORIAL | The high cost of carbon
Feb. 06, 2019 | THE ISSUE: The operator of New York’s power grid is considering a pricing system that accounts for the ‘social cost of carbon.”

S&P GLOBAL PLATTS| NYISO strategic plan highlights carbon pricing, energy storage, DERS
Jan. 23, 2019 | Carbon pricing could increase power prices by about $10-15/MWh. The NYISO’s 5-year power grid plan sets out six strategic initiates to guide its projects and resource…