Ancillary Services

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Ancillary Services

Ancillary Services are services necessary to support the transmission of capacity and energy from generation resources to consumers, while maintaining the reliable operation of New York's transmission system. These services include Regulation and Operating Reserve, Energy Imbalance (using market-based pricing), and the cost-based services of Scheduling, System Control and Dispatch, Voltage Control and Black Start.

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Regulation Service

Regulation Service is the continuous balancing of resources with load to assist in maintaining scheduled interconnection frequency at 60 Hz. This is accomplished by committing on-line generators with output that is raised or lowered as necessary using Automatic Generation Control to follow moment-by-moment changes in load.

Voltage Support

Voltage Support Service is the ability to produce or absorb reactive power and the ability to maintain a specific voltage level under both steady-state and post-contingency operating conditions subject to the limitations of the resource's stated reactive capability.


Voltage Support Test Data System
VSS Qualification Form
Request for Identical Treatment Form


Black Start Capability

Black Start is the ability of a generating unit to go from a shutdown condition to an operating condition, and start delivering power without assistance from a power system.