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Reliability Compliance Program

The NYISO is committed to complying with the business and reliability standards that have been established by its regulators. The North American Energy Standards Board creates requirements related to business issues. These are applicable to a variety of functions from OASIS postings to Gas and Electric Coordination, and are incorporated by reference into the NYISO's tariffs. The North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) develops standards on a broad range of functions which are applicable to the operations and planning of the bulk power system. The regional reliability organizations for the northeast and for New York specifically are the Northeast Power Coordinating Council and the New York State Reliability Council. They promulgate standards which are more stringent than those developed by NERC.

The NYISO participates actively in the stakeholder process of each of these bodies and supports their efforts to create a reliable electrical grid throughout North America.

Compliance with many of the reliability standards is accomplished through the cooperative efforts of the NYISO and its Market Participants. Consequently, the following NERC Standards Guidance Document for Market Participants and Corroborating Evidence Document for NERC/NPCC Auditors are provided to assist our members with supporting explanations and related reference documents on how compliance is achieved in New York for a variety of NERC Standards.

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