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Information accessible via this MyNYISO account may contain Critical Energy Infrastructure Information (CEII). To the extent I access CEII by virtue of my MyNYISO account, I agree to the terms of the CEII Request Form for MyNYISO access and the accompanying CEII Non-Disclosure Agreement at the following link: CEII Non-Disclosure Agreement

How to Register for an Account

A MyNYISO account enables access to Critical Energy Infrastructure Information and requires that a completed CEII/Non-Disclosure Agreement form be submitted to Stakeholder Services. If your request is approved by our Legal Department, you will be directed to a link to apply for the MyNYISO account.

The account will allow access to secure sections of our website where Operating Committee, Planning, and other documents reside. 

When completing the CEII Agreement, please select the MyNYISO.com UserID and Password option and complete the remaining sections in the online form along with the Non-Disclosure Agreement. 

Please contact Stakeholder Services at 518.356.6060 or stakeholder_services@nyiso.com if you would like assistance.

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