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Podcast Ep. 33: Udayan Nair is NYISO’s First Director of Grid Transition

When we talk about building a more sustainable future, the journey is as important as the destination. Steering the electric grid through these monumental changes requires leadership and creativity.

Podcast Ep. 32: Modeling the Path to Decarbonization with Cornell's Dr. C. Lindsay Anderson

What does the path to a decarbonized grid by 2040 look like? Dr. C. Lindsay Anderson of Cornell University is working to answer the question of where best on the grid to incorporate large amounts of new generation on the future grid to achieve optimal performance.

Podcast Ep. 31: Columbia Climate School’s Daniel Zarrilli on New York’s Decarbonization Progress

Columbia University’s Daniel Zarrilli knows a thing or two about New York City and the effects of climate change.

Podcast Ep. 30: Nicole Bouchez, PhD, on her unique role as NYISO’s Consumer Interest Liaison

You might say Nicole Bouchez’s role as the NYISO’s Consumer Interest Liaison and Senior Principal Economist combines deep data analytics with good, old-fashioned customer service.

Podcast Ep. 29: Julie Tighe on Leading the NY League of Conservation Voters and Joining the NYISO's Environmental Advisory Council

In this episode of our Power Trends podcast, Julie Tighe discusses her role leading the New York League of Conservation Voters (NYLCV), and her recent addition to the NYISO’s Environmental Advisory Council (EAC). The EAC, which was formed in 2005, provides information and analysis on state and federal environmental policies relative to NYISO’s mission of grid reliability.

Podcast Ep. 28: How NY's Grid Stayed Reliable Through This Summer's Late Heatwave with VP of Operations, Aaron Markham

New York’s recent peak day for electricity consumption came during a heatwave, as millions of people relied on their air conditioners to keep cool. That’s not unusual. However, some of the circumstances leading up to that day still provided a challenge.  

Podcast Ep. 27: Master Class in Electricity Markets with Rana Mukerji

In our latest podcast, we sat down with Rana Mukerji, NYISO’s SVP of Market Structures, to learn about his journey from growing up in Calcutta, India to becoming widely regarded as one of the ­­industry's leading designers of electricity markets. We ask Rana about his past career experience working for General Electric and ABB, and how the markets must evolve to accommodate a new set of renewable resources while keeping the grid reliable.

Podcast Ep. 26: Running Down a Dream with Market Mitigation Economist Michelle Merlis

Episode 26 of the Power Trends podcast delivers a change of pace for our listeners. In this episode, NYISO market mitigation economist Michelle Merlis discusses her long and challenging path to becoming a world-class trail runner.

Podcast Ep. 25: VP Zach Smith on the Interconnection Process and the Growth of Clean Energy on the Grid

“The objective is the reliability of the grid,” VP of System & Resource Planning Zach Smith says about the process his group oversees studying the impacts of connecting new electric resources to the grid. Because of state policies and technological advancements, more developers are seeking to connect to the grid, creating more demands on the New York ISO in overseeing the study process.

Podcast Ep. 24: U.S. Energy Information Administration Experts Discuss the Causes of Rising Winter Electricity Prices

In our latest Power Trends Podcast, we interview two leading Energy Information Administration (EIA) analysts about the impact of wholesale natural gas prices on winter electricity costs in New York.
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