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PRESS RELEASE | Report from North America’s electricity system operators examines impact of emerging technologies

Mar. 16, 2017 | WASHINGTON, D.C. | A report from an affiliation of independent electric grid operators concludes that the future of the North American power grid depends on effectively adding renewables to the grid, the accuracy and availability of data from “behind-the-meter” resources and coordinating these distributed energy resources at the grid operator level to preserve reliability.

RTO INSIDER | PAR Wars: A Struggle for Power

Mar. 13, 2017 | Unrest grows along the PJM-NYISO border after the dismantling of the CON ED-PSEG WHEEL that for decades held sway over daily operations in the region. Expensive infrastructure replacements loom on the horizon, and stakeholders on both sides suspect the other of attempting to take advantage of the situation.

UTILITY DIVE | How ConEd's mobile battery REV demo could build a new storage business model

Mar. 07, 2017 | Consultants and academics have been saying for a while that multiple revenue streams are key to the economics of an energy storage projects. Consolidated Edison is testing that idea with an innovative real world application.

RTO INSIDER | NYISO, PSC: No Worries on Replacing Indian Point Capacity

Mar. 05, 2017 | NYISO CEO Brad Jones and Public Service Commission Chair Audrey Zibelman told New York legislators they are not concerned about replacing the capacity of the 2,069-MW Indian Point nuclear plant, saying energy efficiency, transmission upgrades and the ISO’s wholesale market will ensure reliability.

CRAIN'S NEW YORK | The future of power in New York: Renewables and technology are changing how we get electricity

Feb. 22, 2017 | The electricity industry is in an exhilarating period of innovation driven by new energy resources and cutting-edge technology. And our own state of New York is leading the charge for change.

UTILITY DIVE | A silver bullet? Inside FERC's landmark energy storage rulemaking

Feb. 11, 2017 | Energy storage is having an identity crisis in wholesale markets, and federal regulators are trying to fix it. The question is simple: how do you define energy storage? For system operators, the answer is varied since storage can be categorized as generation, load or both.

NEW YORK TIMES | How NYC Gets Its Electricity

Feb. 10, 2017 | When you turn on a light or charge your phone, the electricity coming from the outlet may well have traveled hundreds of miles across the power grid that blankets most of North America — the world’s largest machine, and one of its most eccentric.

TIMES UNION | NYISO getting ready for an interactive electric grid

Feb. 06, 2017 | Gov. Andrew Cuomo is reshaping how New York state's electrical grid operates, encouraging consumers and local communities who buy electricity to also sell renewable energy into the system, sending power in both directions.

PRESS RELEASE | NYISO Charts Course for an Integrated Grid

Feb. 02, 2017 | Rensselaer, NY | Continuing its work at the forefront of market design and commitment to making the electric grid smarter, greener and more efficient, the New York Independent System Operator (NYISO) today released its Distributed Energy Resource Roadmap.

RTO INSIDER | FERC OKs NYISO Capacity Revision; Rejects Transition Plan

Jan. 31, 2017 | FERC on Friday approved a NYISO plan to protect consumers from rising capacity prices in southeastern New York but rejected a one-year transition to the new rules, saying it “lacks analytical basis” (ER17-446).

S&P GLOBAL | Indian Point Closure Has Implications For Regional Power Markets, Corporate Business Strategy, and Public Policy

Jan. 28, 2017 | Indian Point, a two-unit, 2,071 MW, nuclear plant, located in Westchester County, NY, with its long history of operational, safety and environmental concerns, and close proximity to Manhattan, has frequently been referred to in political circles as "a catastrophe waiting to happen." Its closure has long been a top priority of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo.

POLITICO | Cuomo to announce closure of Indian Point

Jan. 07, 2017 | Gov. Andrew Cuomo is expected to unveil a deal to shutter the Indian Point nuclear plant by as soon as 2020, an official with knowledge of the arrangement confirmed to POLITICO New York.

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