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PODCAST: Energy Economist
Dr. Susan Tierney on Benefits of Carbon Pricing

Dr. Susan Tierney, renowned energy expert with the Analysis Group and former head of policy at the U.S. Department of Energy, recently completed a study with Paul Hibbard of our proposal to add a “social cost” of carbon dioxide emissions to New York’s wholesale energy markets.

Carbon Pricing in Wholesale Energy Markets: Frequently Asked Questions

Carbon pricing refers to the introduction of a “social cost” of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions into New York’s competitive wholesale energy markets. The NYISO and many of its stakeholders believe instituting carbon pricing would help the state meet its clean energy goals faster and more cost-effectively, while reducing emissions and maintaining grid reliability.

VIDEO: How Carbon Pricing Works

The world we know runs on fossil fuels, but this creates the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide. So how do we meet the need for reliable energy while addressing climate change?

Collaborative Cyber Security Training Event at the NYISO

Cyber security is very important to the electric industry, so the New York Independent System Operator (NYISO) routinely collaborates with generators, utilities and transmission owners to conduct joint training and exercises. One example of this training occurred on September 17 and 18.

VIDEO: People Who Power New York: "I'm contributing to something that helps a lot of people."

Phil Nazario first discovered a love for technology as a child, fixing broken VCRs with rubber bands and telling his mom, "don’t throw that out!"

Member Relations: Ambassadors to the Electric Grid

On any day at our offices, dozens of our stakeholders may come to take part in committee meetings, or inquire about joining our shared governance. These attendees include owners of generation or transmission equipment, utilities, consumer representatives, environmental advocates, and other interested parties.

Energy Storage: Frequently Asked Questions

The use of Energy Storage Resources (ESRs) on the grid is growing in New York State. It has the potential to enhance energy production from clean energy resources while supporting improved grid efficiency and resilience. Here are some common questions about this burgeoning technology.

Stakeholder Services: The Public Face of the New York ISO

The New York ISO (Independent System Operator) has a variety of roles as manager of the electric grid in the state. One of them is overseeing the markets that allow for the trading of wholesale power. And when energy market participants have a question, as the expression goes, “Who you gonna call?”

PODCAST: Clean Energy, Climate Change, and Creating a Culture of Evolution

There’s an evolution coming to the energy grid, and according to NYISO Executive Vice President Emilie Nelson, that makes it a great time to be working in the industry.

EBOOK: Reliably Managing the Power Grid

This eBook, Reliably Managing the Power Grid: The People Who Power New York, examines the transformational impact the NYISO has had in its 20-year history, including reduced emissions and designing the grid of the future to incorporate renewable energy.

VIDEO: How Carbon Pricing Can Help Support the CLCPA

What does carbon pricing have to do with the new CLCPA, or Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act (also referred to as New York’s Green New Deal), recently approved by state policymakers?

Wind's Wild Ride: Clean Power and Peak Energy Week

The hottest week of summer 2019 recently occurred (so far, anyway). Looking back at the generation sources that provided energy on that week of high demand, we can see how wind is an unpredictable and variable source of power.

NYISO Partners with University at Albany NYS Mesonet - Program Aids Solar Power Forecasting

We announced a new program that will improve our ability to integrate photovoltaic power into the New York electric grid, thanks to a new partnership with the University at Albany and the advanced weather detection system, New York State Mesonet.

PODCAST: Climate Leadership & New York Policy

Our new President and CEO, Rich Dewey, launched the inaugural New York ISO Power Trends podcast with a discussion on the tremendous changes facing the energy industry and how the NYISO is prepared to meet these new objectives through our wholesale energy markets.

Fuel for the Wire: How We Make Energy in New York

Where does your energy come from? In New York State, the sources of energy are as a diverse as the people who live here.

Power Trends: The Video

Our Power Trends 2019 report explains how the grid is evolving with the addition of wind, storage, and how the New York ISO is uniquely equipped to reliably manage a grid in transition.

A Select Few: The NYISO Grid Operators

What does it take to become a grid operator at the New York ISO? The job requires varied skills. Operators must be fast-thinkers who don't stress under pressure, are able to monitor a dozen computer screens during a 12-hour shift, and can quickly solve problems in order of importance.

NY Poised to Make Largest Grid Investment in 30 Years

As power generation technology continues to expand and mature, the grid has gotten more and more complex. Not only is there more generation out there, with a net increase of nearly 4,000 megawatts in the past 20 years, but the sources of generation are changing.

The New York Energy Grid, by the Numbers: A Power Trends Primer

We've recently launched Power Trends 2019: Reliability and a Greener Grid. Inside this annual report, readers will find the key facts and analysis necessary to understand the many factors shaping our complex electrical system.

Keeping the Power Flowing: It's What We Do

When we sum up our mission, we like to say we have one overarching goal: to keep the power flowing, at all times.
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