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Explaining the Impact of National & Global Conditions on Electricity Prices

Fuel costs have risen dramatically in the past year due to economic factors rooted in the pandemic and amplified by the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Spiking global demand, lagging supply, and global instability caused by war, have combined to bring fossil fuel prices to historically high levels.

VIDEO: Episode 3 - Keeping the Lights On

In August of 2003, a combination of transmission line outages and communications failures in the Midwest led to one of the largest blackouts in U.S. history, plunging much of the eastern seaboard into darkness.

Grid Reliability Needs and How to Resolve Them

At the NYISO, keeping the grid reliable is our number-one priority. But what does it mean?

How the Installed Reserve Margin Supports Reliability in New York

State and federal regulators recently accepted the new Installed Reserve Margin (IRM) for New York’s power grid. The annually established IRM is an essential element of New York’s reliability rules that require a percentage of supply resources to be available to the grid in addition to forecasted peak demand.

VIDEO: Episode 2 - How Reliability Happens

It's easy to take electricity and the benefits of reliable power for granted. For the organizations responsible for running the electric grid, keeping power flowing is a constant, careful balance of load and supply. It requires work with state, regional, and federal entities to make sure proper rules are in place to maintain reliability when consumer demand is at its highest. It’s a complicated job that requires dedication, expertise, and planning.

Podcast Ep. 19: How We Removed Barriers to Clean-Energy Resources Coming Onto the Grid

Our stakeholders recently approved changes to market rules which, if accepted by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, will help us meet New York’s zero-emissions mandates by supporting new investments in energy resources.

VIDEO: Forecasting Power Usage from 5 Minutes to 20 Years; a Look Behind the Scenes

Chuck Alonge plays an essential role in planning the grid. He and his fellow load forecasters support the reliability of the grid by continuously estimating how much power the grid will need to supply.

VIDEO: Episode 1 - The State of the Grid

What is the “Grid of the Future?” And how are we at the New York ISO supporting New York’s transition to a zero-emissions grid? In the first episode of our new documentary series, we discuss the path to a clean energy future, with interviews from former FERC Chairman Norman Bay and New York ISO leaders.

FAQ: Winter Pricing

The New York ISO (Independent System Operator) is an independent, not-for-profit 501(c)(3) corporation responsible for operating the state’s bulk electricity grid. We are not a regulator, nor an entity of New York State. We operate the grid under the strictest reliability rules in the nation and under the oversight of state and federal regulators to keep the lights on for all New Yorkers.

New York ISO Hosts U.S. Energy Secretary

The U.S. Secretary of Energy, Jennifer Granholm, recently toured the New York ISO during a visit of upstate New York that focused on the growing clean energy ecosystem.

Educate, Relate, Communicate: The Critical Role of NYISO's External Affairs Department

As the energy grid is changing, so too is how we talk about it.

Q&A with Rana Mukerji: Evolving Energy Markets for the Grid of the Future

Several decades ago, as an energy consultant with GE, Rana Mukerji helped to design the energy markets that serve as an integral part of the New York ISO’s management of the energy grid.

FAQ: Reforming Buyer-Side Mitigation for a Reliable, Greener Grid

The New York State Climate Leadership & Community Protection Act (CLCPA) sets the stage for aggressive state action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and promote expansion of renewable, distributed energy, and energy storage resources.

Podcast Ep. 18: Zach Smith on Reliability Risks from Extreme Weather, Transmission Constraints, and Electricity Economics

We’ve just released a new report, the Comprehensive Reliability Plan, which looks at the New York energy grid over the next 10 years and determines if there are any factors that could impact our ability to keep the lights on for all.

The Role of IT at the NYISO

Running the energy grid in New York takes skilled engineers, grid operators, and economists. But the largest part of our workforce is actually the team of software developers, database administrators, networking experts, and other professionals that make up our IT department.

VIDEO: NYISO's Role in New York's Largest Transmission Buildout in Over 30 Years

As clean energy resources continue to grow in New York state, expanding our transmission network is vital to making sure that new renewable energy (mostly located upstate) can get to where we need it most (mostly downstate).

DATASHEET: Study Examines Power Grid Reliability Risks

The NYISO is responsible for planning the power system to prepare for future reliability risks.

VIDEO: Grid is Equipped to Meet Expected Winter Energy Demands

As we move into the coldest months of the year, we're engaged with suppliers, utilities and transmission owners to make sure the system is ready for extreme winter conditions.

How Our Environmental Advisory Council Adds a Clean Perspective to NYISO Decisions

The energy industry, by all accounts, is at a crossroads. New York State’s Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act (CLCPA) promises sweeping changes in the way we operate the electric system, while national climate policy and decarbonization has become a major focal point of the 117th United States Congress.

GridEx: How NYISO Joins the Nation to Promote Grid Security

Every two years, the nation’s largest grid security exercise, GridEx, is conducted by the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC). GridEx is a grid security simulation that takes place across North America, allowing utilities and organizations such as the NYISO to test their response to and recovery from simulated, coordinated, cyber and physical security threats and incidents.

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