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We have hired more than 50 interns for full-time positions

That’s a record that’s hard to beat. Our intensive program offers meaningful career experience and valuable relationships.


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Intern Program Details

For a select few, our competitive summer internships offer an experience far beyond that of a typical program. In this full-time, 12-week program, interns learn about the energy business through executive-led seminars, attend field trips, and work side-by-side with staff on projects vital to the organization. Each intern ends their summer with a presentation to the NYISO community. Compensation is competitive, and housing stipends are available. Applicants must be full-time college/university students.

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In Their Own Words

“I enjoyed the projects that I did, the people I worked with, the environment and the activities that were organized especially for the interns, such as the field trips and the lunch & learn sessions.”

Mariola Ndrio
University of Illinois

“Taking part in the NYISO internship had a huge impact on my life. I started the 12-week program as a business administration major. By the time I was done, I had decided to change majors to sustainable energy management. NYISO led me in that direction, and for that I’m grateful.”

Brendon McCarthy

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“A lot of the people who work here stick around for a long time. I think that speaks to the work that we do. Something interesting happens every day. I am still learning something new every day as a full-time employee.”

Emily Conway
Siena College

“The work that I have been doing isn’t just busy work but very useful to the NYISO. Some of my friends have internships where they were not as challenged or exposed to nearly as many things as I was.”

Joseph Osaheni
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

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“I’ve lived two miles from the New York ISO my entire life, but I didn’t know it existed until I came here on a field trip in high school. Seeing the control room, I kind of fell in love. At that moment, I knew I wanted to be in the power industry. I was lucky enough to land an internship here while in college, and then I was hired as an associate operator. I can’t imagine working for another company.”

Peter Herrick
Clarkson University

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