Interconnection process improvements underway

The CLCPA of 2019 jump-started investment in a decarbonized grid, and our interconnection queue grew virtually overnight. From 275 projects in 2019 to over 500 today. Like other grid operators, we are challenged by this growth. 

Interconnecting resources at the scale necessary requires a concerted effort by the state, utilities, developers, and the NYISO. We have reduced the time it takes to study impacts, held focus groups to identify improvements, and made significant investments in our teams and technologies used by developers and utilities to track progress and provide deliverables. 

We have hired more planning engineers, project managers, and customer service agents to guide developers through the process. It is important to understand there are other factors that can delay impact project timelines including disruptions in the global supply chains and inflation. 

Maintaining a reliable electric system through this unprecedented grid transition is essential. We also know that delivering a cleaner, greener grid of the future is just as important for all New Yorkers. Working together, we can achieve both.

Explainer and Frequently Asked Questions

What purpose does the interconnection process serve? In a word, “reliability”. Learn about NYISO’s role in managing this important process.

Episode 25: Growth of Clean Energy on the Grid

In this Power Trends podcast, VP of System & Resource Planning Zach Smith discusses how the NYISO is required to study the impacts of new resources seeking to connect to the electric system.

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The NYISO Interconnection Process

NYISO's Interconnection Process and Improvements

The process for bringing a renewable project from a concept to commercial operation is multifaceted. NYISO’s role in performing interconnection studies is only one of many factors involved.

NYISO Launches Latest Class Year

A Class Year is a group of projects seeking to connect to the transmission system that have also met comparable milestones in the NYISO’s planning process.