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Major Emergency


Reserve Pick-up
Thunderstorm Alert

External Capacity Called by Proxy Bus

Click here to see Transmission & Dispatching Operations Manual, Section 6.5 for Details.

Peak Load Window Override

Click here to see ICAP Manual, Section 4.1.1 for Details.

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Definitions of terms used:

System State:  This provides the general state of NYISO system condition which can be Normal, Alert or Major Emergency.

Reference: Emergency Operations section 1.2.1

Normal State:  The condition that the NYS Power System is in when the Transmission Facilities Under ISO Operational Control are operated within the parameters listed for Normal State in the Reliability Rules.

Reference: Tariffs

Alert State:  The Alert State exists when conditions on the NYS Power System are more severe than in the Warning State.

Reference: Emergency Operations section 2.1

External Capacity Called by Proxy Bus:  This addresses NYISO Supplemental Resource Evaluation (SRE) call for External Installed Capacity Suppliers to deliver Energy to the NYCA. When the NYISO selects the Suppliers at an external Proxy Bus to deliver Energy, the Proxy Bus’s name will be listed here. More information about external SRE requirements and sanctions can be found in the NYISO’s Market Services Tariff, Section 5.12.

Major Emergency State:  An Emergency accompanied by abnormal frequency, abnormal voltage and/or equipment overloads that create a serious risk that the reliability of the NYS Power System could be adversely affected.

Reference: Tariffs

Thunder Storm Alert:  Thunderstorm Watch (New York City) - when actual or anticipated severe weather conditions under which region-specific portions of the NYS Transmission System are operated in a more conservative manner by reducing transmission transfer limits.

Reference: Tariffs section for Storm Watch

NYSRC Reliability Rules Rule G.1

Reserve Pick-Up:  The NYISO may enter this RTD-CAM mode when necessary to re-establish schedules if the ACE is greater than 100 MW.

Reference: Transmission and Dispatching Operations section 6.2.1