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A reliable, zero-emissions future grid that achieves CLCPA

This report outlines our commitment to maintaining grid reliability in these times of change. New York’s power grid is evolving to meet the public policy objectives and provide the most powerful reliable, clean energy grid of the future.

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PODCAST Ep. 12: Emilie Nelson Advises the CAC that a System of Markets, Physics and People Will Produce a Reliable Zero-Emissions Grid

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Figure 19 | Climate Study: CLCPA Winter Generation by Resource Type

Power Trends 2021 Figure 19

To reflect the CLCPA, all fossil-fueled generating resources were removed from the resource mix.

However, to preserve reliability, the study included an undefined Dispatchable Emissions-Free Resource (DEFRs) to supply the grid when wind, solar, and storage resources were insufficient to meet demand.

Resources with this combination of attributes are not commercially available, but will be critical to future grid reliability. In order to phase down the fossil fuel resources currently providing these services, new technologies will be needed.

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