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VIDEO: Episode 2 - How Reliability Happens

March 24, 2022

It's easy to take electricity and the benefits of reliable power for granted. For the organizations responsible for running the electric grid, keeping power flowing is a constant, careful balance of load and supply. It requires work with state, regional, and federal entities to make sure proper rules are in place to maintain reliability when consumer demand is at its highest. It’s a complicated job that requires dedication, expertise, and planning.


How this all comes together is the subject of ‘How Reliability Happens,’ the second episode of our #GridoftheFuture video series. In this episode, we feature keen insight from former FERC Commissioner Colette Honorable and New York State Reliability Council’s Roger Clayton. In addition, NYISO Chief Operating Officer Rick Gonzales and Vice President of System & Resource Planning Zach Smith explain the job of making sure the energy we need is available while adhering to the strictest reliability requirements in the nation. 

“Infrastructure is key and we have to make sure that the adequate planning and investment is there to support the growth and the expansion,” says former FERC commissioner Colette Honorable. 

As we move to an emissions-free grid by 2040, the intermittent nature of clean energy resources creates significant challenges. Meeting the strictest reliability rules in the nation and keeping the lights on for all New Yorkers will require new technologies, changes to our wholesale competitive energy markets, and new approaches to managing the grid. 

As Roger Clayton explains: “We have a revolution in the power system on our hands, and we need to be ready for it.”

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