Ensuring power system reliability and a clean energy future

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Grid of the Future - Episode 3 - Keeping the Lights On - Media Content

Episode 3:
Keeping the Lights On

This third installment of our #GridoftheFuture video series looks at lessons learned from previous outages, impacts of major weather-related events, and how we can avoid similar events from happening in the future.

Grid of the Future - Episode 2 - How Reliability Happens - Web Content

Episode 2:
How Reliability Happens

This second installment explores how national, regional, and state reliability organizations work together to maintain a reliable electric system in New York and features keen insight from former FERC Commissioner Colette Honorable, and the New York State Reliability Council’s Roger Clayton.

Grid of the Future - Episode 1 - State of the Grid - Media Content

Episode 1:
The State of the Grid

This first installment of our in-depth #GridoftheFuture video series features former FERC Chairman Norman Bay and examines the historic changes needed to reach New York's climate goals, asks hard questions, and examines solutions.

NYISO Issues Memo on Pollution Justice Act of 2021 - Web Content

NYISO Issues Memo on
Pollution Justice Act of 2021

Recent events in TX and CA demonstrate the need for careful planning as the state transitions to a decarbonized electric system, dependent on intermittent resources. The NYISO's preliminary review of S.4378-A / A.6251 reveals the likelihood of significant risks to the reliable operation of the electric system, including the need for forced disconnections of retail electric customers.

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GOFT Study Examines Power Grid Reliability Risks - Web Content

Study Examines Power Grid
Reliability Risks

As we move to a zero-emissions grid, it’s critical we understand how the growth of intermittent resources and extreme weather could impact the ability to maintain reliability of the NY bulk electric system.

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Grid of the future innovation series - web content

#GridoftheFuture Innovation Series

Our experts discuss our innovations in electric market design,
energy forecasting, interconnection and transmission planning

Ebook: How Markets Support Climate & Policy Goals - Web Content

Ebook: How Markets Support Climate & Policy Goals

Ebook: How Markets Support
Climate & Policy Goals

The role our competitive energy, capacity and ancillary markets play in delivering the grid of the future and our role helping New York meet its goals of a zero-emission energy grid.

2040 Grid Follow Us - web content

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GOFT Road to 2040 Blogs - Web Content

Road to 2040 Blog Series

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Offshore Wind, Clean Energy Targets, and Our Role Preparing the Grid for New Resources

The state’s Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act (CLCPA) mandates that 70% of our electricity come from renewable energy resources by 2030. To put this in perspective, last year about 28% of our energy was generated from renewable resources.

How Solar on Dispatch Adds Flexibility to a Clean Energy Resource

Renewable resources offer both benefits and challenges to grid operators. Resources such as wind energy and solar power are intermittent, meaning energy production is dependent upon weather conditions.

Our Role Expanding Transmission to Meet the Needs of a Clean Energy Grid

Transmission developers are making the biggest investment to the energy grid in a generation, investing $2 billion on upgrading transmission lines around the state. These multiple projects, which will help prepare us for the grid of the future, came about in part through our work in planning for future needs and working with developers and regulators.

How Green Hydrogen Can Complement a Clean Energy Grid

Some people might think hydrogen is clear. Actually, it comes in seven different colors.

Our Interconnection Queue Shows Unprecedented Growth of Clean Energy Investment in NY

The year 2040, when New York State is required to have a zero-emission grid, may seem to be a long way away. But work has already started to develop some of the clean energy projects that will help us reach the Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act mandate.
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