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VIDEO: People Who Power New York: "A Spark for Teaching"

May 17, 2024

Participants and other stakeholders in NYISO-administered wholesale electricity markets count on experts like Mathangi Srinivasan for training. Whether they attend course offerings as a refresher, or are starting with basics, Mathangi finds her role as a Market Training Program Lead to be very fulfilling.

Teaching comes very naturally to her. In fact, prior to leading market training courses at the NYISO, she taught pharmacology the Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences. Born in India, Mathangi moved to the U.S. in 2003 for graduate studies in molecular biology at the University of Maryland.

“There's nothing better than seeing that spark, the light that comes in when someone understands a concept,” she said.

Mathangi’s ability to spark knowledge extends beyond highly technical engineering topics. Eight years ago, she founded an Indian classical dance studio, enabling the next generation to connect with their heritage through this unique art form. One of the dances she produced centered on the innate feminine power entitled “Shakti, A Celebration of Women.”

Meet Mathangi, one of the People Who Power New York. Watch now.

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