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VIDEO SERIES: Connecting More Renewable Energy to the Grid

April 3, 2024

“For the past few years an overwhelming number of clean energy requests have rushed into our interconnection queue with a process that was not originally designed for this large volume of requests,” says Manager of Facilities Study, Wenjin Yan. The interconnection queue is an important piece in helping meet the state’s policy goals. In the first installment of a new video series, our planning experts highlight the efforts underway to improve and expedite the connection of more renewable energy to the grid.

While our planning team may be at the forefront of this change, Senior Manager of Interconnection Projects Thinh Nguyen, points out, “It takes a village. We have dedicated teams throughout the NYISO that provide support.” Future videos will spotlight other teams within the NYISO working hard every day to deliver a reliable clean energy grid of the future.

To understand more about our interconnection process and the improvements being made to help meet the state’s clean energy goals, watch the following videos and visit our Informational webpage on the interconnection process, historic growth of projects, and what's next.