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New Climate Change Study Examines Resilience and Reliability of New York Energy Grid

As New York State advances climate and energy policies in pursuit of a cleaner, more resilient grid, we continue to examine long-range scenarios to assess impacts on grid reliability.

VIDEO: People Who Power New York: Bringing the Best and Brightest Talent to the NYISO

Alice Wu studied psychology in college and quickly discovered she liked learning how relationships work and what motivates people.

VIDEO: Carbon Pricing's Role in New York's Climate Goals

COVID-19 has had an impact worldwide, affecting human health and straining government budgets. There has been concern that this could impact the state’s ability to achieve a zero-emission electric grid by 2040.

Keeping the Grid Reliable in New York

With the rolling power outages that occurred in California during the heat wave this past summer, some have wondered if such events could occur here in New York. It's worthwhile to examine the main difference between the two states in how electricity is produced and delivered.

Solar, Wind, and Energy Storage: The Ups and Downs of Clean Energy on the Grid

One of the challenges of New York’s growing use of clean energy resources is the intermittent nature of solar and wind power.

The Capacity Market's Role in Grid Reliability: Frequently Asked Questions

Having sufficient installed capacity is especially important as we work to achieve the state mandates requiring 70% clean energy by 2030 and a zero-emission electric system by 2040. With an increased reliance on intermittent resources such as solar or wind power, sufficient “fast-ramping” resources must be on hand to provide energy when the sun is not shining or the wind is not blowing.

Carbon Pricing Comment Summary from FERC Technical Conference

On September 30, 2020, FERC held a Technical Conference regarding Carbon Pricing in Organized Wholesale Electricity Markets. The conference featured dozens of academics, economists, consultants, power generators, think tanks and ISO/RTO leaders including our President and CEO, Rich Dewey and Senior Vice President of Market Structures, Rana Mukerji. Excerpts of the considerable number of conference comments in support of carbon pricing follow, in categories taken from the conference agenda:

How We're Planning to Meet the Growth of an Electric World

New York's electric grid is in the midst of an unprecedented growth of clean energy resources. In order to meet state mandates, the grid must deliver 70% of energy demand from clean resources by 2030 and the grid must be zero emissions by 2040.

PODCAST Ep. 10: Bob Hiney Offers His Wisdom & Advice on the Future of New York's Grid

What do you get when your avowed hobby is “energy policy?” With Bob Hiney, you get a man steeped in the minutia of New York’s energy markets, with four decades of experience in the electric power industry.

Fuel for the Wire: Power Trends 2020

What's the source of power flowing out of your electrical outlets? In New York, that largely depends on whether you are upstate or downstate.

The Role of Energy Markets in Meeting Public Policy

For 20 years, the NYISO’s wholesale electricity markets have delivered on the promise of value to consumers. Working in tandem with state emissions policies, our markets have also driven investment in new technology, significantly reduced greenhouse gas emissions, and kept energy prices low.

VIDEO: People Who Power New York: A Worldly Economist Finds a Home Designing Energy Markets in Albany, NY

A few interesting facts about Nicole Bouchez: she grew up in a small, hard-to-pronounce town in Holland. She spoke three languages before she was a teenager (and even more today). By the time she reached high school, she had discovered a love for economics. "It made sense," she said. "And it was mathematical. And interesting."

Forecasting the Power Needs of the Future

Running the electric grid is a dedicated balance - generation always has to match demand to maintain reliability. So how do we know how much power is required at any given moment?

VIDEO: People Who Power New York: A Gamer's Approach to Successful Cybersecurity Strategy

In elementary school, Celia Sieg helped her teachers learn how to use their computers.

PODCAST Ep. 9: From COVID-19 to the CLCPA, Power Trends is a Must-Read for Grid Stakeholders and Policymakers

What goes into the making of Power Trends, our annual report that tells the story of the electric grid in New York State? And why do you need to read it?

VIDEO: Power Trends 2020: Executive Briefing

Our Power Trends 2020 report explores how the New York ISO is developing and implementing the market design and planning process enhancements needed to address energy issues such as state clean energy mandates, the growth of intermittent renewable resources, and the unprecedented impacts of COVID-19.

Milestone Reached in Western NY Transmission Expansion that Supports Clean Energy in New York

The plan to expand the electric transmission system in upstate New York has recently reached a major milestone, paving the way for improvements that will make it easier to move clean energy from Western New York to the rest of the state.

VIDEO: Past Interns Welcome New Recruits to 2020's Remote Internship Program

Each year, approximately one thousand college students from across the country, apply for fewer than 20 positions in our summer internship program. Since the program's inception, more than 50 of those interns have been hired as full-time employees.

VIDEO: People Who Power New York: "Market design is pivotal in increasing clean energy on the grid."

Born in India, Pallavi Jain was destined to be an engineer.

COVID-19 Highlights Carbon Pricing Benefits to New York's Economy and Health

New York State, the world’s 11th-largest economy, recently enacted the Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act (CLCPA), mandating 70% of our energy to come from renewable resources by 2030, and zero-emission energy by 2040.

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