NYISO MMU Investigation Request Form


NYISO MMU Investigation Request Form

The form will not be sent unless those fields are complete. For further information about NYISO Requests for Investigations, please see Technical Bulletin #104.

The "submit request" button on the bottom of the form will automatically send the request to the MMU, MMA and CRD. If the request for an Investigation is intended only to be submitted to the MMU, they can be reached directly at 703-383-0719, or

Investigations may be reported to relevant regulatory agencies, and/or reported publicly. The identity of the requestor, as well as supporting data and information identified as confidential, will be protected as confidential, consistent with the applicable rules for the protection of confidential information..

For other inquiries, please submit your questions to Customer Relations or call 518-356-6060.

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Please send supporting attachments to the MMU.