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POWER MARKETS TODAY | FERC OKs NYISO renewables, self-supply exemptions

Jul. 20, 2020 | Approval conditional, Glick issues detailed dissent -- A FERC order issued last week approved, subject to condition, NYISO's compliance filing with its earlier directives . . .

E&E NEWS | N.Y. unveils grid plan to reach 100% clean energy

Jul. 09, 2020 | Public utility officials in New York released a grid proposal this week in support of 100% clean electricity by 2040, warning that a crop of massive wind farms could otherwise be left stranded in the state.

POWER MARKETS TODAY | NYISO seeks new tailored availablility metric rules

Jul. 08, 2020 | Changes to cover capacity ratings for resources -- NYISO yesterday asked FERC to approve new rules to implement its "tailored availability metric" (TAM) that is meant to . . .

GREENTECH MEDIA | New York's Energy Transition (and Challenges) in 5 Charts

Jun. 11, 2020 | Grid operators around the world are unusually busy these days, but few have quite as much on their minds as NYISO, the independent system operator that manages New York state's bulk power system and wholesale energy market.

ABC NEWS 10 | NYISO annual report on state’s energy grid focuses on Green initiatives

Jun. 11, 2020 | Upstate New York is closer to reaching the state’s goal of producing emissions-free energy by 2040 than downstate, according to a new report. With more availability of renewable energy sources upstate’s energy consumption is currently operating with 88% zero emissions, downstate is operating with 29% zero emissions.

POLITICO | Grid operator's report emphasizes new tech to reach climate goals

Jun. 10, 2020 | The New York Independent System Operator's annual “Power Trends” report, released on Wednesday, offers a glimpse of the steps it needs to take to ensure reliability in a completely decarbonized grid by 2040. NYISO President and CEO Rich Dewey said new technologies that can quickly ramp up electric generation will be needed to balance intermittent renewables to make sure the lights stay on.

PRESS RELEASE | NYISO Releases Power Trends 2020: The Vision for a Greener Grid

Jun. 10, 2020 | Rensselaer, NY -- The New York Independent System Operator (NYISO) today released Power Trends 2020: The Vision for a Greener Grid. The NYISO’s annual publication provides critical information and analysis on how dynamic factors such as technology, economic forces, and public policies are shaping New York’s complex electric system.

PRESS RELEASE | New York's Electric Grid Prepared to Meet Summer Demand

May. 28, 2020 | Rensselaer, NY - The New York Independent System Operator (NYISO) today reported that electricity supplies in New York State are expected to be adequate this summer, with a total of 41,319 megawatts (MW) of power resources available to meet forecasted peak demand conditions.

E&E NEWS | Democrats want FERC officials meeting on carbon pricing

May. 19, 2020 | Six Senate Democrats called on the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission yesterday to host a technical conference on the viability of incorporating a carbon price into the nation's electric markets.

E&E NEWS | 'Devil is in the details.' The fight for grid carbon pricing

May. 18, 2020 | Calls are growing for carbon pricing in the nation's regional power markets, and that's fueling concerns that such a move could derail states' efforts to expand renewables and curb emissions.

S&P GLOBAL | NYISO stands by renewable exemption limit proposal, urges swift FERC action

May. 14, 2020 | New York Independent System Operator defended its proposal for amending a narrowly tailored exemption for renewable resources under buyer-side market power mitigation rules imposed on the grid operator's capacity market.

WALL STREET JOURNAL | Pandemic Sparks Slump in Electricity Prices

May. 11, 2020 | International Energy Agency forecasts the biggest decline in electricity consumption since the Great Depression

S&P GLOBAL | Falling COVID-19 cases may signal beginning of the end for NYISO sequestation

May. 06, 2020 | The New York ISO will look to falling COVID-19 infection rates and guidance from the state to decide when to begin sending home employees who have been living on-site at two control centers for more than a month.

POWER MARKETS TODAY | FERC OKs NYISO proposal on short-term reliability

May. 04, 2020 | ERC last week issued an order approving a NYISO proposal to establish a short-term reliability process using quarterly short-term assessment of reliability (STAR)

POWER MARKETS TODAY | NYISO asks FERC to OK energy storage resource model

May. 01, 2020 | NYISO yesterday asked FERC to approve new rules for its energy storage resource (ESR) participation model, which will help integrate the resources in its energy...

CNN | New York City residents are consuming more energy at home since coronavirus - and waking up later, study says

Apr. 30, 2020 | New York City residents are waking up later and using more energy in the daytime since they were ordered to stay at home last month, data from the Earth Institute at Columbia University shows.

NEW YORK TIMES | The City That Never Sleeps is Waking Up Later

Apr. 30, 2020 | Some 400 special electric meters in New York apartments provide a shifting view of power use while people are stuck inside.

PRESS RELEASE | NYISO Names Daniel C. Hill as Board Chair

Apr. 21, 2020 | Rensselaer, NY - The New York Independent System Operator (NYISO) Board of Directors today announced that Daniel C. Hill was named chair of the Board of Directors. Mr. Hill takes over the role from Ms. Ave Bie whose term concludes on April 21, 2020. Ms. Bie will continue to serve on the board and take over for Mr. Daniel Hill as vice chair.

WASHINGTON POST | The Electric Rhythms of New York Shaped by COVID-19

Apr. 19, 2020 | The coronavirus is changing the tempo of New York and of cities and states across the country, and you can see it in the flows of electricity. At his post 150 miles up the Hudson, Jon Sawyer watches as a stay-at-home New York City stirs itself with each new dawn in this era of covid-19.

PRESS RELEASE | NYISO Updates COVID-19 Demand Impacts

Apr. 16, 2020 | Rensselaer, NY - The New York Independent System Operator (NYISO) today released an updated analysis of estimated COVID-19 demand impacts. Demand is down across the New York Control Area (NYCA), with certain zones experiencing more dramatic drops in load than others.

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