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S&P GLOBAL | NYISO CO2 emissions price could cut power sector gas use up to 7.8%: Analysis Group

Oct. 03, 2019 | Pricing carbon dioxide emissions into the New York Independent System Operator's wholesale power markets could reduce statewide gas use in the power sector up to 7.8% by 2030, analysis released Thursday said.

BLOOMBERG ENVIRONMENT | Carbon Pricing Could Help N.Y. Reach Climate Goals, Report Says

Oct. 03, 2019 | Charging power generators a carbon price could help New York meet its goal of 100% emissions-free electricity by 2040, according to a study released Oct. 3.

PRESS RELEASE | New Study Proves Carbon Pricing Helps New York Meet Clean Energy Goals Faster, More Reliably, at Lower Cost

Oct. 03, 2019 | Rensselaer, NY - The New York Independent System Operator (NYISO) today released a new study, conducted by the Analysis Group, of the NYISO’s proposal to incorporate the social cost of carbon into the wholesale price of electricity.

PRESS RELEASE | NYISO Names Robb Pike as Vice President of Market Operations

Sep. 19, 2019 | Rensselaer, NY - The New York Independent System Operator (NYISO) is pleased to announce that Robb Pike has been named Vice President of Market Operations.

S&P GLOBAL | Key Capture Energy installs 20-MW battery energy storage system in New York

Sep. 12, 2019 | The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority said Thursday Key Capture Energy has completed a 20-MW battery energy storage installation, the state's largest to date, making progress toward legislation that mandates 3,000-MW of energy storage capacity by 2030.

RTO Insider | NYISO Q2 Congestion up Despite Drop in Load, Prices

Sep. 02, 2019 | NYISO congestion costs surged during the second quarter despite lower electricity prices, gas price spreads and load levels, according to the Market Monitoring Unit.

ALBANY TIMES UNION | NYISO launches podcast, publishes e-book to explain mission

Aug. 28, 2019 | The New York Independent System Operator, which oversees the state's high-voltage electrical grid and wholesale power markets, has launched its own podcast called Power Trends that includes interviews with top executives. The two episodes released so far are available on the NYISO web site and NYISO's YouTube channel. The podcast launch coincides with the publishing of a new 12-page e-book by the NYISO last week on its web site.

S&P GLOBAL | New York's increasing average temperatures challenge power-demand forecasts

Aug. 28, 2019 | Average annual daily temperatures in New York have been increasing about 0.7 degree Fahrenheit per decade, with summer arriving earlier and lasting longer, which is creating challenges in forecasting power demand, according to a presentation given to the New York grid operator.

PRESS RELEASE | Power Trends Podcast - Episode 2: "Clean Energy, Climate Change, and Creating a Culture of Evolution"

Aug. 27, 2019 | Rensselaer, NY - Building off the successful July launch of it's "Power Trends" podcast, the NYISO today unveiled the second episode in the ongoing series.

ALBANY TIMES UNION | Companies have to get creative when it comes to hiring

Aug. 24, 2019 | Although job growth is slowing down and the jobless rate is rising in the Capital Region, local companies still have to mount a herculean effort to fill key jobs.

PRESS RELEASE | New eBook Describes How the New York ISO Reliably Delivers Energy to the State

Aug. 21, 2019 | Rensselaer, NY - The New York Independent System Operator (NYISO) today released a new eBook, Reliably Managing the Power Grid: The People Who Power New York. The eBook examines the transformational impact the NYISO has had in its 20-year history including reduced emissions, and designing the grid of the future to incorporate renewable energy.

S&P GLOBAL | NYISO plans more than a dozen major power market design improvements

Aug. 20, 2019 | The New York Independent System Operator is pursuing several power market design changes similar to those underway or completed at the other regional ISO's, including potential fuel security enhancements, shortage pricing and enhanced fast-start pricing, the grid operator said in a Tuesday update.

UTILITY DIVE | How grid operators forecast weather and output from renewables

Aug. 19, 2019 | Renewable energy weather forecasting requires more sophisticated algorithms and analysis as solar and wind penetration increases and grid operators in the U.S. are preparing for that probability.

UTILITY DIVE | New York initiative aims to eliminate conflicts between resource adequacy, clean eneryg goals

Aug. 13, 2019 | New York energy policies have laid out a range of requirements and priorities, and regulators say they want to ensure the interrelated systems that are in place are working efficiently towards the same goals.

PRESS RELEASE | Comprehensive Reliability Plan Finds No Immediate Reliability Need

Jul. 29, 2019 | Rensselaer, NY - The New York Independent System Operator (NYISO) Board of Directors approved the 2019-2028 Comprehensive Reliability Plan (CRP) which sets forth the plan for the New York State Bulk Power System to meet all applicable reliability criteria over the 2019 through 2028 study period. The Board’s approval of the CRP completes the 2018-2019 cycle of the NYISO’s Reliability Planning Process.

S&P GLOBAL | Carbon pricing could help N.Y. meet clean energy goals at low consumer cost: study

Jul. 29, 2019 | In a new report, Resources for the Future, a nonprofit research group, found that pricing the cost of carbon dioxide emissions into New York's wholesale electricity markets through a carbon adder or a new cap-and-trade program could help the state meet its ambitious clean energy mandates with little impact on consumer prices.

PRESS RELEASE | New "Power Trends" Podcast to Address Energy Issues in New York - Episode One: Climate Leadership & New York Policy

Jul. 23, 2019 | Rensselaer, NY - The New York Independent System Operator (New York ISO) launched a new podcast today to discuss energy planning, public policy, and other issues affecting the state’s power grid.

RTO INSIDER | Study: Carbon Adder Supports NY Clean Energy Goals

Jul. 23, 2019 | NYISO's effort to price carbon into it's wholesale markets could help New York achieve its ambitious clean energy goals, but the policy would benefit from a boost in the social cost of carbon (SCC) or additional programs, according to a study released Tuesday.

PRESS RELEASE | New York's Electric Grid Prepared for Sustained Hot Weather Event

Jul. 19, 2019 | Rensselaer, NY– With temperatures throughout much of the state expected to exceed ninety degrees, and accompanying heat index readings predicted to top 100 degrees this weekend, the New York Independent System Operator (NYISO) today reported that the state’s bulk electric system is prepared for the weather event.

ASSOCIATED PRESS | New York's climate plan will drive big changes, if it works

Jul. 18, 2019 | A new law signed Thursday by New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo sets the nation’s most aggressive targets for reducing carbon emissions and is intended to drive dramatic changes over the next 30 years.

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