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PRESS RELEASE | NYISO Releases Power Trends 2019: Annual State of the Grid & Markets Report

May. 02, 2019 | Rensselaer, NY | The New York Independent System Operator (NYISO) today released Power Trends 2019. Each year, this report provides information and analysis on how technology, economic forces and public policy are shaping a more dynamic power grid, and the implications for the state’s wholesale electricity markets.

UTILITY DIVE | NYISO approved 'historic' transmission to boost transfer capability to 900 MW

Apr. 17, 2019 | The New York ISO has approved two projects that will add significant new transmission capacity to the state's system, helping move renewable energy from upstate generators into load centers like New York City.

PRESS RELEASE | NYISO Board Selects Transmission Projects to Meet Public Policy Need

Apr. 08, 2019 | Rensselaer, NY | The NYISO Board of Directors announced its selection of two transmission projects to meet public policy needs. The selected transmission projects will benefit consumers by increasing delivery of environmentally desirable power to meet state energy goals, relieving congestion, and replacing aging infrastructure to bolster system reliability and resilience.

TIMES UNION | Massive NY weather network predicts solar power

Apr. 01, 2019 | Most people want to know when the sun is going to shine, and the people who make sure the state has enough electricity are no different. As solar power becomes an increasing part of the electrical supply, the need is growing to better predict the ever-changing balance between sun and cloud. And that has grid managers linking into a new statewide network of weather sensors — called the mesonet — that makes such forecasting faster and more accurate.

PRESS RELEASE | NYISO Names Teresa Marrinan to Board of Directors

Mar. 29, 2019 | Rensselaer, NY | The New York Independent System Operator (NYISO) announced today the selection of Teresa Marrinan to its Board of Directors, effective April 15, 2019.

PRESS RELEASE | NYISO Partners with UAlbany's NYS Mesonet to Aid Solar Power Forecasting

Mar. 28, 2019 | Albany, NY | Data shared will improve the New York electric grid's ability to integrate photovoltaic power.

S&P GLOBAL | US FERC approves compromise on NYISO retiring unit review time line

Mar. 25, 2019 | Washington — The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission has accepted a compromise offered by New York Independent System Operator that will give power generators more notice of whether they will be charged a physical withholding penalty for retiring generation capacity.

POLITICO NEW YORK ENERGY | Storage worries aired

Mar. 15, 2019 | Advocates and industry leaders cheered positive developments for storage prospects — including details of new state subsidies — on the first day of the NY-BEST conference yesterday at The Jerry.

PRESS RELEASE | New York ISO Publishes New eBook Describing its Role in Managing Wholesale Energy Markets

Mar. 12, 2019 | Rensselaer, NY | The New York ISO today released a new eBook, The Power of New York's Wholesale Electricity Markets, designed to educate the public about its role in managing the wholesale energy markets and their impact on the state's electric grid and overall reliability.

THE POST-JOURNAL | NYISO Defends 'Social Cost Of Carbon' Plan

Mar. 05, 2019 | In response to the paper’s editorial on the New York Independent System Operator’s (NYISO) role with regard to pricing the “social cost of carbon” into the wholesale electric markets, we feel it is incumbent upon us, as the independent operator of the state’s electric grid, to clarify certain details.

THE CAPITAL PRESSROOM | February 7, 2019: Achieving the Governor’s energy goals

Feb. 07, 2019 | The Governor has a new goal to bring the state to 100 percent renewable energy. What steps does the State have to take to achieve that goal? Kevin Lanahan, Vice President for External Affairs and Corporate Communications, broke down the next steps.

TIMES UNION | Editorial: The high cost of carbon

Feb. 06, 2019 | THE ISSUE: The operator of New York's power grid is considering a pricing system that accounts for the "social cost of carbon."

TIMES UNION | Measuring the "social cost" of power

Feb. 04, 2019 | Every TV, computer, smartphone and other electrical device in your home or business relies on a power plant, whether it burns fossil fuel like natural gas, oil or coal, or relies on renewable sources like the sun or wind. And every second a fossil fuel-fired plant runs, it sends climate-changing greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.

S&P GLOBAL | NYISO strategic plan highlights carbon pricing, energy storage, DERs

Jan. 24, 2019 | The New York Independent System Operator's five-year power grid plan sets out six strategic initiatives to guide its projects and resource allocation that include pricing carbon emissions into the wholesale market, which could increase power prices by about $10-$15/MWh, an analyst said Wednesday.

POWER MARKETS TODAY | NYISO releases new version of strategic plan for 2019-2023

Jan. 24, 2019 | NYISO released yesterday the latest iteration of its strategic plan for 2019-2023 -- focused on dealing with the evolution of the grid and how the market structure is transitioning...

PRESS RELEASE | New York ISO Releases 5-year Strategic Plan for Power Grid

Jan. 22, 2019 | Rensselaer, NY | With the state’s electric grid continuing to evolve, and the market structure in transition, the New York Independent System Operator (NYISO) today released a multi-year strategic plan focused on addressing these changing dynamics with precision and innovation.

RTO INSIDER | Imports/Exports Top Talk at NYISO Carbon Pricing Kick-off

Jan. 17, 2019 | The NYISO working group charged with shepherding carbon pricing into New York’s wholesale electricity market kicked off its efforts Tuesday by taking up the issue of how import and export transactions would be handled under the pricing scheme.

POWER MARKETS TODAY | NYISO supports proposed 17% NYSRC reserve margin

Jan. 10, 2019 | NYISO told FERC yesterday it agrees with the New York State Reliability Council's (NYSRC) proposal to set a reserve margin for the state of 17% for the next capacity...

POWER MARKETS TODAY | FERC partially approves NYISO 844 compliance

Jan. 09, 2019 | FERC issued an order Friday partially approving NYISO's compliance with Order 844, requiring...

NATURAL GAS INTELLIGENCE | NYISO Inches Forward First-of-its-Kind Carbon Pricing Proposal

Dec. 27, 2018 | The New York Independent System Operator (NYISO) has released its latest carbon pricing proposal, saying this version will provide the basis for additional stakeholder input as consideration and discussions move into the grid operator's formal shared governance process.

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