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Recent News | New York needs long-term energy planning (opinion)

Mar. 27, 2021 | Recent power outages in the United States and across the globe have demonstrated the need for New York to continue its insistence on grid reliability and resiliency as it undertakes long-term planning.

S&P GLOBAL | Grid operators, state officials eye solutions to capacity market shortcomings

Mar. 23, 2021 | Accommodating state policies while still maintaining the objectives of the capacity market to supply reliable power at least cost will require a portfolio of solutions based on stakeholder input and changes to the energy and ancillary services markets as well over a likely five to 10 year period, operators of the Eastern regional transmission organizations said March 23.

RTO INSIDER | NYISO Prepares Hybrid Storage Aggregation Model

Mar. 16, 2021 | NYISO kicked off an effort to create a market participation model for hybrid storage aggregation resources.

RTO INSIDER | Texas Grid Troubles Inform NY Strategic Planning

Mar. 01, 2021 | New York agencies and experts are monitoring the aftermath of Texas' power outages to determine if the state should take any actions to maintain a resilient grid.

RTO INSIDER | NYISO Looks to Enhance ICAP Market Design

Mar. 01, 2021 | NYISO would like to align studies for setting the statewide installed reserve margin with those for establishing locational minimum installed capacity requirements.

POLITICO | Transmission poised to address reliability issues from New York City peaker retirements

Feb. 25, 2021 | The closure of high-emitting power plants in New York City because of state regulations can likely be addressed with transmission investments and operational changes, according to the state’s independent grid operator.

RTO INSIDER | NYISO Proposes ‘Grid in Transition’ Metrics

Feb. 14, 2021 | NYISO proposed a three-tier approach for working on projects in its Grid in Transition initiative and how to measure their effects.

GREENTECH MEDIA | How US Grid Operators Plan To Tackle Energy Storage at Gigawatt Scale

Feb. 11, 2021 | How can U.S. transmission grids and wholesale energy markets adapt to the gigawatts of energy storage coming online over the next decade?

RTO INSIDER | RTOs Planning to Ride Energy Storage Wave

Feb. 07, 2021 | Faced with varying waves of energy storage resources, grid operators are taking steps to accommodate devices that are sitting in their interconnection queues.

S&P GLOBAL | Grid operators detail opportunities, challenges presented by hybrid resources

Feb. 05, 2021 | The status of hybrid energy resource participation in wholesale power markets largely dominated a Feb. 4 policy discussion among representatives of the nation's regional grid operators.

POLITICO | Con Edison pitches transmission investments to address peaker retirements, boost renewables

Feb. 02, 2021 | Con Edison pitches transmission investments to address peaker retirements, boost renewables

POWER MARKETS TODAY | NYISO wants storage to share interconnection requests

Feb. 01, 2021 | CSR request would change energy, ancillary markets -- NYISO asked FERC Friday to approve changes to its rules to let energy storage located next to wind or solar generator . . .

CITY&STATE NEW YORK | Energy & Environment Power 100

Dec. 31, 2020 | City & State’s Energy & Environment Power 100 identifies the key players who are driving the debate – and the policies – here in New York.

SYRACUSE POST STANDARD | OpEd: Union Leader: Let carbon pricing move NY toward renewable energy goals

Dec. 15, 2020 | Ted Skerpon is president and business manager of IBEW Local Union 97, in Syracuse.

S&P GLOBAL | FEATURE: NYISO looks to market rules, transmission planning in 2021

Dec. 14, 2020 | The New York Independent System Operator will work with federal and state regulators on buyer-side mitigation rules, energy storage rules, transmission development and its Comprehensive Reliability Plan in 2021 as the state pushes ahead with energy transition initiatives, NYISO President and CEO Rich Dewey recently told S&P Global Platts.

POWER MARKETS TODAY | NYISO seeks change credit calculations for TCCs

Nov. 30, 2020 | November 30, 2020 -- NYISO last week asked FERC to change its credit requirement calculations for some transmission congestion contracts (TCC) to better align requirements with the risks . . .

WETM | New York electrical grid ready to meet upcoming winter demand

Nov. 24, 2020 | The statewide electrical grid has announced their preparedness efforts to meet demands for the upcoming winter season.

ALBANY TIMES UNION | Electricity supply more than adequate this winter, NYISO says

Nov. 23, 2020 | The New York Independent System Operator said Monday that the state has more than enough electric generating capacity to meet peak demand this winter.

POLITICO | NYISO to mull more capacity market revisions to integrate renewables, storage

Oct. 28, 2020 | See link

RTO INSIDER | FERC: Send Us Your Carbon Pricing Plans

Oct. 16, 2020 | FERC invited states to introduce carbon pricing in wholesale markets but said it had no authority to initiate such programs itself.

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