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Podcast Ep. 26: Running Down a Dream with Market Mitigation Economist Michelle Merlis

Episode 26 of the Power Trends podcast delivers a change of pace for our listeners. In this episode, NYISO market mitigation economist Michelle Merlis discusses her long and challenging path to becoming a world-class trail runner.

Advancing New York’s Clean Energy Future with NYISO’S New Class Year

Recognizing the importance of interconnecting new energy resources to the grid as quickly and as safely as possible, the NYISO is pleased to announce it has launched the 2023 Class Year, one month after the completion of the previous process.

Podcast Ep. 25: VP Zach Smith on the Interconnection Process and the Growth of Clean Energy on the Grid

“The objective is the reliability of the grid,” VP of System & Resource Planning Zach Smith says about the process his group oversees studying the impacts of connecting new electric resources to the grid. Because of state policies and technological advancements, more developers are seeking to connect to the grid, creating more demands on the New York ISO in overseeing the study process.