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FAQ: Reforming Buyer-Side Mitigation for a Reliable, Greener Grid

The New York State Climate Leadership & Community Protection Act (CLCPA) sets the stage for aggressive state action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and promote expansion of renewable, distributed energy, and energy storage resources.

Podcast Ep. 18: Zach Smith on Reliability Risks from Extreme Weather, Transmission Constraints, and Electricity Economics

We’ve just released a new report, the Comprehensive Reliability Plan, which looks at the New York energy grid over the next 10 years and determines if there are any factors that could impact our ability to keep the lights on for all.

The Role of IT at the NYISO

Running the energy grid in New York takes skilled engineers, grid operators, and economists. But the largest part of our workforce is actually the team of software developers, database administrators, networking experts, and other professionals that make up our IT department.