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Podcast Ep. 15: ACE NY’s Anne Reynolds Advises CAC on Fast-Tracking Clean Energy Targets

Anne Reynolds joined the Alliance for Clean Energy New York (ACE NY) as Executive Director in 2014. But she has spent her career working on clean energy and environmental issues, including on numerous state programs to help ease the transition to emission-free resources in New York.

VIDEO: Power Trends: 8 Minutes, 22 Slides, 1 Grid of the Future

Our Power Trends 2021 report outlines our commitment to maintaining grid reliability in these times of change while detailing how the power grid is evolving to meet public policy objectives.

How Winter Energy Use May Grow with Electrification

Preparing for peak demand is fundamental to our efforts to maintain grid reliability. Our expert planners analyze meteorological forecasts, economic forecasts, and historical energy demand trends to identify when we think the highest energy demand will be, and how much.