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Keeping the Lights on in California, and What it Means for New York

While we’re in the depths of winter, it’s easy to forget about how extreme heat can impact the reliability of the electric grid. But it wasn’t too long ago (back in early September 2022, to be exact) that much of the nation west of the Rockies experienced a record-breaking heatwave, notable for its intensity and duration.

Podcast Ep. 24: U.S. Energy Information Administration Experts Discuss the Causes of Rising Winter Electricity Prices

In our latest Power Trends Podcast, we interview two leading Energy Information Administration (EIA) analysts about the impact of wholesale natural gas prices on winter electricity costs in New York.

How New York’s Power Grid Stayed Reliable During Recent Deep Freeze

The recent holiday-week deep freeze that strained gas networks and electricity grids across the nation had smaller impacts in New York due in large part to the ability of generators to switch fuels in times of tight supply.