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2021 Corporate Social Responsibility Report Demonstrates Community Support in Challenging Times

We will all be telling stories about the year 2020 for years to come. For us, it was more than just a time of challenge. It was a time when we saw our workforce come together in ways we never have before; giving generously to reach some of the highest United Way donations in our history and continuing our history of being a “good corporate citizen” during these unprecedented challenges.

DATASHEET: Key Takeaways of NYISO Climate Change Study: Preparing the Grid for a Changing Climate

We recently released Phase II of a report that looks at the potential impacts on the New York energy grid from a changing climate, combined with the expected transition to a zero-emission grid by 2040.

Hybrid Storage Offers Additional Benefits for Renewable Resources and the Grid

Energy Storage Resources (ESRs) provide a unique benefit to the energy grid in New York. These resources, examples of which could include batteries, flywheels, pumped water storage, and compressed air storage, help grid operators meet demand by storing electricity generated by another resource and making it available to the grid when needed.