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Podcast Ep. 23: NYISO’s Market Monitor – Guarding Competition for the Benefit of Consumers

Every five minutes, 24 hours a day, electricity in New York State is bought and sold through competitive wholesale electric markets administered by the NYISO.

Findings From the Outlook: Unprecedented Capacity Investment Needed

Released in October, NYISO’s 2021–2040 System & Resource Outlook (the Outlook) examines infrastructure investment needs as the electric grid evolves over the next 20 years to meet requirements of state, federal, and local climate policies.

Findings From the Outlook: Transmission Must Expand to Avoid Renewable Generation Pockets

The NYISO’s 2021–2040 System and Resource Outlook (the Outlook) looks at possible ways in which the power grid may evolve over the next 20 years in response to energy and climate policy mandates. The state’s Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act (CLCPA) requires 70% of electricity consumed in New York to be generated from renewable resources by 2030 and an emissions free power system by 2040.