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Advancing New York’s Clean Energy Future with NYISO’S New Class Year

Recognizing the importance of interconnecting new energy resources to the grid as quickly and as safely as possible, the NYISO is pleased to announce it has launched the 2023 Class Year, one month after the completion of the previous process.

Podcast Ep. 25: VP Zach Smith on the Interconnection Process and the Growth of Clean Energy on the Grid

“The objective is the reliability of the grid,” VP of System & Resource Planning Zach Smith says about the process his group oversees studying the impacts of connecting new electric resources to the grid. Because of state policies and technological advancements, more developers are seeking to connect to the grid, creating more demands on the New York ISO in overseeing the study process.

Keeping the Lights on in California, and What it Means for New York

While we’re in the depths of winter, it’s easy to forget about how extreme heat can impact the reliability of the electric grid. But it wasn’t too long ago (back in early September 2022, to be exact) that much of the nation west of the Rockies experienced a record-breaking heatwave, notable for its intensity and duration.

Podcast Ep. 24: U.S. Energy Information Administration Experts Discuss the Causes of Rising Winter Electricity Prices

In our latest Power Trends Podcast, we interview two leading Energy Information Administration (EIA) analysts about the impact of wholesale natural gas prices on winter electricity costs in New York.

How New York’s Power Grid Stayed Reliable During Recent Deep Freeze

The recent holiday-week deep freeze that strained gas networks and electricity grids across the nation had smaller impacts in New York due in large part to the ability of generators to switch fuels in times of tight supply.

Timing of CHPE Transmission Project Vital to Future Grid Reliability

As the transition to renewable energy accelerates in New York, we must monitor several factors to understand the impacts of this monumental change on electric system reliability. One of the biggest items to watch is progress with the Champlain Hudson Power Express (CHPE) transmission facility, and the impact the project could have on declining reliability margins in New York City.

RNA Report: Reliability Findings Hinge on Key Assumptions

The Reliability Needs Assessment (RNA) forecasts system conditions over the next ten years to determine whether the grid will have sufficient generating capacity and transmission capability to meet expected demand. If it does not, a reliability need is declared and the NYISO takes action to resolve it. The identification of reliability needs through this assessment is guided by mandatory reliability rules set by independent reliability organizations or accepted by regulators, including the North American Electric Reliability Corporation, the Northeast Power Coordinating Council, the New York State Reliability Council, and the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.

2022 Reliability Needs Assessment: Key Takeaways Datasheet

This two-page datasheet provides the key takeaways from the 2022 Reliability Needs Assessment (RNA).

Podcast Ep. 23: NYISO’s Market Monitor – Guarding Competition for the Benefit of Consumers

Every five minutes, 24 hours a day, electricity in New York State is bought and sold through competitive wholesale electric markets administered by the NYISO.

Findings From the Outlook: Unprecedented Capacity Investment Needed

Released in October, NYISO’s 2021–2040 System & Resource Outlook (the Outlook) examines infrastructure investment needs as the electric grid evolves over the next 20 years to meet requirements of state, federal, and local climate policies.

Findings From the Outlook: Transmission Must Expand to Avoid Renewable Generation Pockets

The NYISO’s 2021–2040 System and Resource Outlook (the Outlook) looks at possible ways in which the power grid may evolve over the next 20 years in response to energy and climate policy mandates. The state’s Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act (CLCPA) requires 70% of electricity consumed in New York to be generated from renewable resources by 2030 and an emissions free power system by 2040.

How New Electric Resources Connect to the Grid: FAQ

The electric grid of the future is transforming before our eyes, with new technologies emerging that will forever change how we think about, manage, and use power.

2022 Peak Load Day Highlights Challenges and Opportunities for New Resources on a Changing Grid

Now that autumn in New York is in full swing, we take a moment to observe some important takeaways regarding electric system performance over the summer.

Podcast Ep. 22: Zach Smith on Unprecedented Investment Needed to Meet Energy Goals

The NYISO recently released a new report that identifies the unprecedented level of electrical system investment necessary to achieve New York State’s climate policy requirements.

New NYISO Report Identifies Paths to Achieve a Greener & Reliable Future Grid

A new report by the NYISO, the 2021-2040 System & Resource Outlook (The Outlook) highlights the need for careful coordination of resource additions, transmission investment, and existing emitting generation retirements to achieve an orderly transition of the electric grid to 100% carbon-free.

The Outlook: Key Findings Datasheet

This two-page datasheet provides the key findings and information from the 2021-2040 System & Resource Outlook Report.

Impacts of National & Global Conditions on Electricity Prices

(Updated September 13, 2022) - Fuel costs have risen dramatically in the past year due to economic factors rooted in the pandemic and amplified by the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Spiking global demand, lagging supply, and global instability caused by war, have combined to bring fossil fuel prices to historically high levels.

Podcast Ep. 21: U.S. Energy Information Administration Experts Discuss Recent Energy Price Impacts

In our latest Power Trends Podcast, we interviewed two leading EIA analysts about domestic and international price trends and how world energy supply and demand are impacting wholesale electricity prices in New York.

Grid Reliability Requires a Careful Transition from Fossil Fuels

A clean energy transition is underway. As fossil fuel plants retire and new renewable resources supply our energy needs, we need to move carefully to maintain reliability on the electric grid. A successful transition to a zero-emissions grid means synchronizing the addition of clean energy resources with the retirement of fossil-fuel generators to protect reliability.

New Transmission Investments Add a New Chapter to the “Tale of Two Grids”

The “Tale of Two Grids” is an old story when it comes to the New York electric system.

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