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VIDEO: Power Trends 2020: Executive Briefing

Our Power Trends 2020 report explores how the New York ISO is developing and implementing the market design and planning process enhancements needed to address energy issues such as state clean energy mandates, the growth of intermittent renewable resources, and the unprecedented impacts of COVID-19.

Milestone Reached in Western NY Transmission Expansion that Supports Clean Energy in New York

The plan to expand the electric transmission system in upstate New York has recently reached a major milestone, paving the way for improvements that will make it easier to move clean energy from Western New York to the rest of the state.

VIDEO: Past Interns Welcome New Recruits to 2020's Remote Internship Program

Each year, approximately one thousand college students from across the country, apply for fewer than 20 positions in our summer internship program. Since the program's inception, more than 50 of those interns have been hired as full-time employees.

VIDEO: People Who Power New York: "Market design is pivotal in increasing clean energy on the grid."

Born in India, Pallavi Jain was destined to be an engineer.

COVID-19 Highlights Carbon Pricing Benefits to New York's Economy and Health

New York State, the world’s 11th-largest economy, recently enacted the Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act (CLCPA), mandating 70% of our energy to come from renewable resources by 2030, and zero-emission energy by 2040.

VIDEO: New York's Electric Grid Prepared to Meet Summer Demand

Electricity supplies in New York State will be adequate to meet forecasted peak demand conditions, our system operations experts have determined for our annual review of summer demand expectations.

Top 10 Benefits of New York ISO's Carbon Pricing Plan

The Analysis Group’s assessment of our Carbon Pricing Proposal, and accompanying Summary for Policymakers, identified key value propositions of adding a carbon pricing mechanism in wholesale electricity markets. Those benefits are summarized below.

State of the Grid Webpage: Reliable Power and a Path to the Grid of the Future

Whatever the outside impacts on our daily lives, our work at the NYISO continues: providing reliable energy at the least possible cost, and preparing for the changes to the electric grid from the growth of renewable resources.

VIDEO: People Who Power New York: The "mind blowing" job of supporting grid operations

Raj Dontireddy, a Senior Operations Engineer, came to the NYISO from India, by way of California. An employee for over seven years, he is a man of many passions: travel, outdoor sports, cricket, and the math and engineering skills required to help keep the electricity grid functioning.

Carbon Pricing in Wholesale Energy Markets: Frequently Asked Questions

Carbon pricing refers to the introduction of a “social cost” of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions into New York’s competitive wholesale energy markets. The NYISO and many of its stakeholders believe instituting carbon pricing would help the state meet its clean energy goals faster and more cost-effectively, while reducing emissions and maintaining grid reliability.

New Report Details New York ISO's Corporate Social Responsibility

Running a reliable electric grid takes dedication. So does caring about our neighbors. That’s why our 570+ employees are as passionate about helping the community as they are keeping the lights on in New York State.

COVID-19 and the Electric Grid: Load Shifts as New Yorkers Respond to Crisis

As nearly 20 million New Yorkers adjust their lives in response to the COVID-19 crisis, the changing patterns of behavior are reducing and shifting electricity consumption.

PODCAST Ep. 8: Wes Yeomans on Staying Calm, Sequestering Operators, & the Virtues of Virtual Campfires

What do you do when faced with the unknown risks of a new disease if you’re in charge of the reliability of the energy grid in New York State?

Grid Operators Isolated but Unified in Keeping New York Lights On

In order to safeguard energy reliability at this time of the COVID-19 pandemic, a group of our grid Control Room operators and support staff have taken an extraordinary step: total sequestration from the outside world until further notice.

PODCAST Ep. 7: Clarkson President Anthony Collins on Promoting a Culture of Innovation

Dr. Anthony Collins, President of Clarkson University since 2003, believes in the importance of finding new ways to promote a culture of innovation in one of the nation’s top technical colleges. It’s a culture engrained in our mission here at the NYISO as we transition to the grid of the future.

Support Building for NYISO's Carbon Pricing Plan

Support continues to build for the first-in-the-nation proposal to inject a social cost of carbon dioxide emissions into the New York wholesale electricity markets.

VIDEO: People Who Power New York: "This company values diversity and collaboration and challenges you to continue learning."

Diana Ortiz is no stranger to hard work. Born in Brooklyn, her parents grew up on a farm in El Campo, Puerto Rico, where families lived off the land.

PODCAST Ep. 6: 'State of the Grid,' Episode 6 Outlines NYISO Initiatives to Meet Climate & Policy Goals

In 2020, the pace of change on the power grid is being driven by aggressive legislation and the ways in which clean energy resources are being economically reevaluated.

VIDEO: People Who Power New York: "It's important for people to know that we serve the public interest."

Tariq Niazi came to the United States from Pakistan to study economics. He planned to return home after graduate school, but love and a good job with the state Consumer Protection Board got in the way.

PODCAST Ep. 5: Resources for the Future's Dr. Karen Palmer on Carbon Pricing and Multistate Impacts

Climate policy and energy economist and author Karen Palmer recently spoke at the House Subcommittee hearing on ‘Building a 100% Clean Energy Economy for the U.S. Power Sector.’

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