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How Green Hydrogen Can Complement a Clean Energy Grid

Some people might think hydrogen is clear. Actually, it comes in seven different colors.

VIDEO: Resolving New York Transmission Constraints

Transmission planning is evolving to address infrastructure needs in a rapidly changing power system.

Podcast Ep. 13: Key Capture Energy’s Jeff Bishop on the Critical Role of Storage in Greening the Grid

Jeff Bishop, CEO and co-founder of Key Capture Energy, got his start in the energy business 20 years ago developing wind farms in New York and around the world.

Our Interconnection Queue Shows Unprecedented Growth of Clean Energy Investment in NY

The year 2040, when New York State is required to have a zero-emission grid, may seem to be a long way away. But work has already started to develop some of the clean energy projects that will help us reach the Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act mandate.

The New York ISO's Approach to Grid Reliability

Reliability has been and will continue to be job one for the NYISO.

How We Keep the Grid Reliable in New York

The power outages that occurred recently in Texas and California this past summer have raised questions of whether similar events could occur here in New York. It's worthwhile to examine how the NYISO’s markets are different than the markets in those two states and to learn more about our unique approach to maintaining grid reliability.

2021 Corporate Social Responsibility Report Demonstrates Community Support in Challenging Times

We will all be telling stories about the year 2020 for years to come. For us, it was more than just a time of challenge. It was a time when we saw our workforce come together in ways we never have before; giving generously to reach some of the highest United Way donations in our history and continuing our history of being a “good corporate citizen” during these unprecedented challenges.

DATASHEET: Key Takeaways of NYISO Climate Change Study: Preparing the Grid for a Changing Climate

We recently released Phase II of a report that looks at the potential impacts on the New York energy grid from a changing climate, combined with the expected transition to a zero-emission grid by 2040.

Hybrid Storage Offers Additional Benefits for Renewable Resources and the Grid

Energy Storage Resources (ESRs) provide a unique benefit to the energy grid in New York. These resources, examples of which could include batteries, flywheels, pumped water storage, and compressed air storage, help grid operators meet demand by storing electricity generated by another resource and making it available to the grid when needed.

A New Blog Series Detailing the Path to a Cleaner Grid

The New York energy grid is on a journey. We know the destination (an emission-free grid) and we know when we’re supposed to get there (2040). But the road map is yet to be entirely written.

PODCAST Ep. 12: Emilie Nelson Advises the CAC that a System of Markets, Physics and People Will Produce a Reliable Zero-Emissions Grid

Emilie Nelson, NYISO’s Executive Vice President, has more than two decades of experience in the energy industry. She’s also a member of the Power Generation Advisory Panel to the New York State Climate Action Council (CAC).

VIDEO SERIES: Rich Dewey’s Vision for the Grid of the Future

“This industry right now is about as interesting as it gets,” observes Rich Dewey, our President and CEO, discussing the changes coming to the electric grid in New York in the next two decades. In this video interview series, Dewey discusses the path we’ll need to follow to meet the state’s clean energy mandate of a carbon-free grid by 2040.

PODCAST Ep. 11: John Reese talks “Big Think” on Power Gen’s Clean Energy Future

John Reese has a long history in the energy business, from roles with New York State, the U.S. Department of Energy, and his current position as Senior Vice President at Eastern Generation, which currently provides more than 20% of New York City’s energy capacity.

Energy Storage: Frequently Asked Questions

The use of Energy Storage Resources (ESRs) on the grid is growing in New York State. It has the potential to enhance energy production from clean energy resources while supporting improved grid efficiency and resilience. Here are some common questions about this burgeoning technology.

New Climate Change Study Examines Resilience and Reliability of New York Energy Grid

As New York State advances climate and energy policies in pursuit of a cleaner, more resilient grid, we continue to examine long-range scenarios to assess impacts on grid reliability.

VIDEO: People Who Power New York: Bringing the Best and Brightest Talent to the NYISO

Alice Wu studied psychology in college and quickly discovered she liked learning how relationships work and what motivates people.

VIDEO: Carbon Pricing's Role in New York's Climate Goals

COVID-19 has had an impact worldwide, affecting human health and straining government budgets. There has been concern that this could impact the state’s ability to achieve a zero-emission electric grid by 2040.

Keeping the Grid Reliable in New York

With the rolling power outages that occurred in California during the heat wave this past summer, some have wondered if such events could occur here in New York. It's worthwhile to examine the main difference between the two states in how electricity is produced and delivered.

Solar, Wind, and Energy Storage: The Ups and Downs of Clean Energy on the Grid

One of the challenges of New York’s growing use of clean energy resources is the intermittent nature of solar and wind power.

Carbon Pricing Comment Summary from FERC Technical Conference

On September 30, 2020, FERC held a Technical Conference regarding Carbon Pricing in Organized Wholesale Electricity Markets. The conference featured dozens of academics, economists, consultants, power generators, think tanks and ISO/RTO leaders including our President and CEO, Rich Dewey and Senior Vice President of Market Structures, Rana Mukerji. Excerpts of the considerable number of conference comments in support of carbon pricing follow, in categories taken from the conference agenda:

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