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PODCAST Ep. 1: Climate Leadership & New York Policy

Our new President and CEO, Rich Dewey, launched the inaugural New York ISO Power Trends podcast with a discussion on the tremendous changes facing the energy industry and how the NYISO is prepared to meet these new objectives through our wholesale energy markets.

Fuel for the Wire: How We Make Energy in New York

Where does your energy come from? In New York State, the sources of energy are as a diverse as the people who live here.

Power Trends: The Video

Our Power Trends 2019 report explains how the grid is evolving with the addition of wind, storage, and how the New York ISO is uniquely equipped to reliably manage a grid in transition.

A Select Few: The NYISO Grid Operators

What does it take to become a grid operator at the New York ISO? The job requires varied skills. Operators must be fast-thinkers who don't stress under pressure, are able to monitor a dozen computer screens during a 12-hour shift, and can quickly solve problems in order of importance.

NY Poised to Make Largest Grid Investment in 30 Years

As power generation technology continues to expand and mature, the grid has gotten more and more complex. Not only is there more generation out there, with a net increase of nearly 4,000 megawatts in the past 20 years, but the sources of generation are changing.

The New York Energy Grid, by the Numbers: A Power Trends Primer

We've recently launched Power Trends 2019: Reliability and a Greener Grid. Inside this annual report, readers will find the key facts and analysis necessary to understand the many factors shaping our complex electrical system.

Keeping the Power Flowing: It's What We Do

When we sum up our mission, we like to say we have one overarching goal: to keep the power flowing, at all times.

Unbottling Wind: How We Can Expand Clean Energy

With the growing focus on climate change, policymakers are increasingly calling for clean energy to replace fossil fuels to power the grid. But due to the limitations of today’s grid, not all renewable sources we have on the system today are being used to their full advantage.

Q&A with NYISO Board Chair, Ave Bie: Problem Solver and Sports Fan

As we celebrate Women's History Month, we interviewed our distinguished board chair, Ave Bie. A tireless power grid advocate and leader, she's a great example of history making at the New York ISO.

Shared Governance: How Our Stakeholders Have a Voice in Shaping the Electric Grid

While independence is at the core of the NYISO’s mission, we don’t make decisions alone. The NYISO’s market policies, changes to our federally-regulated Tariffs (which guide grid management, system planning, and wholesale market rules), and other decisions related to the sale and transmission of power are all determined with input and approval by stakeholders.

Joy Zimberlin, Finding Energy in Good Ideas

With Women's History Month upon us, Joy Zimberlin, recently named to the Women in Communications & Energy Board of Directors, has advice for women charting their own history, ‘Accomplish something new every day. Be confident. Be true to yourself.’ And maybe, go skydiving.

The Power of Markets - How the New York ISO's Independent Markets Support the Electric Grid

Every five minutes, 24 hours a day, every day of the year, electricity in New York State is bought and sold through the NYISO markets. Through these markets, recurring competitive auctions select the least-cost set of resources to meet grid demand.

33 years in power. Meet Laura Gribbin.

In honor of Women's History Month, we're highlighting history-making women of our own. Like Laura Gribbin. She was the first female programmer in her department way back when. After 33 years, she's still innovating.

VIDEO: How the New York ISO Powers New York

The New York ISO directs the electricity that powers homes, businesses, schools and hospitals; from where it's generation to where you need it.

VIDEO: Moving Toward Lower Carbon Emissions in New York

As the VP of Operations at NYISO, Wes Yeoman’s department will play a large role in overseeing the implementation of carbon pricing, a program the NYISO is examining the stakeholder process. If approved, carbon pricing will put a value to “the social cost of carbon” in the sale of wholesale power, creating price signals that encourage investment in clean energy resources and cleaner fossil-fuel technology. “It’s going to be exciting to incorporate those into the electric system,” he says.

How the People Who Power New York Give Back

Running New York’s electric grid takes dedication. So does being a community-minded organization. Either way, the New York Independent System Operator, (New York ISO for short), knows the importance of caring about our neighbors.

Internships at the New York ISO: A Unique Job and Learning Experience for College Students

For college students interested in learning how an electric grid is managed, there are few opportunities that compare to interning with the New York Independent System Operator, or NYISO for short.

VIDEO: People Who Power NY: "I come to work every day in awe of what I do."

At first Elaine wanted to be an artist, then she went to college for political science. After that, she explored nursing. Eventually she found a way to apply her creativity and love of learning to computer science.

From Across the World, Energy Industry Experts Come to Learn at NYISO

On a rainy Friday in late fall, 19 engineers and grid operators from the southern part of Africa came to the New York Independent System Operator to learn how the organization runs the electric grid. They were here as part of a short tour of the United States to find new ways to improve their own power delivery system.

Changing Demand, Changing Grid: Delivering Power in a New Era

For the last century, energy use grew year by year. As population grew, more homes were electrified and more uses for electricity were found. Growing demand for energy was met through physical expansion of the grid to increase its generation and delivery capacity.

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